Canbin Lin

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Carbon-Forum PHP 1807

A high performance open-source forum software written in PHP. Discussions Tags based with Quora/StackOverflow style.

Holy-Lance PHP 311

A Linux Resource / Performance Monitor based on PHP.

Material-Design-Avatars PHP 267

Create material deisgn avatars for users just like Google Messager. It may not be unique but looks better than Identicon or Gravatar.

Android-Carbon-Forum Java 256

Android Client for Carbon Forum with Material Design.


A PHP MySQL PDO class similar to the the Python MySQLdb, which supports iterator and parameter binding when using "WHERE IN" statement.

Sina-Weibo-Album-Downloader Python 124

Multithreading download all HD photos / pictures from someone's Sina Weibo album.

Pythonic-PHP-Code-Formatter PHP 61

Pythonic PHP code formatter. Just for fun.

Telegram-Simple-Image-Bot PHP 49

A simple telegram bot which can return a random picture.

Carbon-Forum-API-Documentation 45

Carbon Forum HTTP API Documentation.

STM32-TEA-Encryption-Recorder C 12

A STM32 encryption recorder that use Tiny Encryption Algorithm.

White-HTML-Filter PHP 11

A lightweight php-based HTML tag and attribute whitelist filter.

STM32-Alarm-Clock C 5

Keil uVision4 project of STM32 Alarm Clock.

apidoc-markdown PHP 4

Generate API documentation in markdown format from API annotations in your source code.

Arduino-Location-Based-Environment-Detector-Client C++ 4

Arduino Client of Location Based Environment Detector.

PHP-Image-Resize-Class PHP 3

Automatic extract the square central part of the uploaded image, and zoom to the specified size.

Arduino-Location-Based-Environment-Detector-PC-Client Python 3

Arduino Location Based Environment Detector PC Client. This tool is used for debugging in the case that SIM900 is not working.

Library-Management-System PHP 3

Python-Binary-Statistics Python 3

Count the number of 1 and 0 in a binary file.

iOS-Carbon-Forum Swift 2

iOS Client for Carbon Forum.

Theseus-Templates PHP 2

Arduino-Location-Based-Environment-Detector-Server PHP 2

PHP Server Script of Location Based Environment Detector.


Quartus 9.0 Project of 74LS160.

VHDL-Frequency-Divider VHDL 1

Quartus 9.0 Project of Frequency Divider.

go-time-clock 1

Thunder-Link-Parser 1

bff-parser JavaScript 0

Carbon-Forum-React 0

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
PHP 19 99.93% 2750
Java 1526 98.32% 256
Python 1700 98.13% 130
C 1956 96.22% 17
C++ 5692 89.32% 4
更新于2021-09-26 09:23:51