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fluent-validator Java 816

A Java validation framework leveraging fluent interface style and JSR 303 specification

navi-pbrpc Java 156

A protobuf based high performance rpc framework leveraging full-duplexing and asynchronous io with netty

kraps-rpc Scala 139

A RPC framework leveraging Spark RPC module

2018-polar-race Java 137


coddding Java 124

My sample code repository

easy-mapper Java 107

Easy-mapper is a simple, light-weighted, high performance java bean mapping framework

navi Java 92

Navi is a distributed service framework that provides cluster management and high performance RPC

dynamic-proxy Java 81

Dynamic proxy library leveraging ASM, CGLIB, ByteBuddy, Javassist and JDKDynamicProxy techniques

fountain Java 73

Fountain is a Java based toolkit for syncing MySQL binlog and provide an easy API to process/publish events.

biz-framework Java 13


flume-byday-file-sink Java 11

A customized Flume file sink which enables you to persist incrementals to file in a rolling by-day and by-type manner

app-on-yarn-demo Java 9

Demo for service oriented application hosted on Hadoop YARN cluster for HA and scheduling

scala-dsl-rpc-client Scala 7

rest-api-framework Java 2

API framework for building RESTful Web Services following JAX-RS and OPEN-API spec, also leveraging JSR330 implementation - Google Guice

maven-plugin-archetype Java 2

maven check-style & p3c插件在编译打包时做代码规范检查

kafka-example Java 2

Kafka example

flink-exercises Java 1

Flink exercises

hbase-coprocessor-example Java 1

HBase coprocessor example

scala-learn Scala 1

Scala learning arena

result-util Java 1

Result code and message utility for Java programmer

big-traffic-jam-solver Java 1

A algorithm for solving the big traffic jam problem

my-docker Shell 0

My docker utility

protostuff * Java 0

Java serialization library, proto compiler, code generator

eureka * Java 0

AWS Service registry for resilient mid-tier load balancing and failover.

spring-cloud-demo Java 0

hiriver * Java 0

hiriver是纯java开发的、高性能的、基于解析mysql row base binlog技术实现的用于监控mysql数据变化并分发这些变化的框架。支持几乎所有的数据类型,包括枚举、集合和bit类型。

mydoc 0

my doc

hadoop-cluster-docker * Shell 0

Run Hadoop Custer within Docker Containers

hadoop-docker * Shell 0

Hadoop docker image

mq-example Java 0

Message queue example

flink * Java 0

Mirror of Apache Flink

spring-boot-yarn-example Java 0

Spring boot YARN example

spark * Scala 0

Mirror of Apache Spark

rest-nettyserver * Java 0


mr-sample Java 0

Mapreduce sample project

java8learning Java 0

Java8 new features' learning

spring4-project-archetype Java 0

This is a project archetype for Java users trying to leverage Spring4 framework.

redis-ha-client 0

Redis high availability client by leveraging Jedis Java client

iosched * 0

Markdown-Chinese-Demo * 0


popcorn-app * CSS 0

An experiment using the peerflix module of nodejs and connecting a bunch of APIs.

chisel * Python 0

Chisel is a collection of LLDB commands to assist debugging iOS apps.

Intellij-IDEA-F2E * 0

Intellij IDEA / PHPStorm / WebStorm Front End Engineer Guide (中文)

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