Jan Xie

Hangzhou, China

ruby-pinyin Ruby 523

中文汉字转拼音, 支持中英文符号混合词语。Pinyin is a romanization system (phonemic notation) of Chinese characters, this gem helps you to convert Chinese characters into pinyin form.

vim-rubytest Vim script 68

Run ruby test in vim

rails_admin_jcrop Ruby 46

Jcrop plugin for RailsAdmin, enable image cropping function on image fields.

chardet2 Ruby 23

Universal Encoding Detector

nevermore JavaScript 21

Social credit information system based on blockchain.

ethpanel JavaScript 10

A friendly web interface to ethereum node.

newsmailer Ruby 7

Read news from rss/atom/... feeds, send them to your mailbox

hubot-scripts * CoffeeScript 7

optional scripts for hubot, opt in via hubot-scripts.json

omniauth-http-basic Ruby 6

Http Basic authentication strategy for OmniAuth

lovd-by-less * Ruby 5

Integrate Ankoder Video Professional Service with lovd-by-less

factom-ruby Ruby 3

A ruby client for Factom (factom.org)

perftools.rb * C 3

google-perftools for ruby code

gossiper Java 3


mdb-tt-benchmark * Ruby 3

TokyoTyrant vs MongoDB vs CouchDB Simple Benchmark

AudioDebugger Java 2

Android audio system debug tool.

omniauth-broadworks Ruby 2

Broadworks XSI authentication strategy for OmniAuth

stropheruby * C 2

Ruby bindings for Strophe, a C library for writing XMPP clients

ckb-biubiubiu Ruby 2

blockchain-babel 2

Translations of blockchain technologies.

backup * Ruby 2

Backup is a RubyGem, written for UNIX-like operating systems, that allows you to easily perform backup operations on both your remote, as well as your local environment. It provides you with an elegant DSL in Ruby for modeling (configuring) your backups. Backup has built-in support for various databases, storage protocols/services, syncers, compressors, encryptors and notifiers which you can mix and match. It was built with modularity, extensibility and simplicity in mind.

lightning-rfc * 1

Lightning Network Specifications

neuron * 1

Neuron: Nervos CKB Wallet

Documents * 1

ruby-ethereum-base Ruby 1

Base libraries and tools for ruby-ethereum.

yeoman-marionette-demo JavaScript 1

rack-test * Ruby 1

Rack::Test is a layer on top of Rack's MockRequest similar to Merb's RequestHelper

nock * JavaScript 1

HTTP mocking and expectations library

hubot * CoffeeScript 1

A customizable, kegerator-powered life embetterment robot.

jruby * Ruby 1

JRuby, an implementation of Ruby on the JVM

purple_ruby * C 1

A ruby gem to write server that sends and recives IM messages, using libpurple

rack * Ruby 1

a modular Ruby webserver interface

rails * Ruby 1

Ruby on Rails

paperclip * Ruby 1

Easy file attachment management for ActiveRecord

redis-store * Ruby 1

Namespaced Rack::Session, Rack::Cache, I18n and cache Redis stores for Ruby web frameworks

omniauth * Ruby 1

OmniAuth is a flexible authentication system utilizing Rack middleware.

PCIIR Ruby 1

<<Programm Collective Intelligence>> algorithms in ruby

snailgun * Ruby 1

Preload and fork ruby interpreter for fast script startup

codegraph Ruby 1

Generate graphs for your code.

apache-upload-progress-module * C 1

Upload progress module for apache

casper * Python 1

Casper contract, daemon and related software and tests

research * Python 1

ruby-china * Ruby 0

:circus_tent: Ruby China website source code.

devise-riak Ruby 0

An example rails app use devise together with curator (data mapper for riak)

block_logger Ruby 0

A convenient logger.

devise * Ruby 0

Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden.

viper * Python 0

New experimental programming language

secp256k1 * C 0

Optimized C library for EC operations on curve secp256k1

simplezkp Rust 0

ckb * Rust 0

Nervos CKB is a public permissionless blockchain, the common knowledge layer of Nervos network.

rfcs * 0

This repository contains proposals, standards and documentations related to Nervos Network.

weweChat * JavaScript 0

💬 Unofficial WeChat client built with React, MobX and Electron.

awesome-ethereum-virtual-machine * 0

Ethereum Virtual Machine Awesome List

swarm-home * HTML 0

the swarm landing page

omniauth-identity * Ruby 0

A simple login and password strategy for OmniAuth.

rust-cache-2q * Rust 0

rust-concurrency-benchmark Rust 0

py_pairing * Python 0

Elliptic curve operations, including pairings

truffle * JavaScript 0

A development framework for Ethereum

pm * 0

Project Management: Meeting notes and agenda items

7langs Java 0

crypto013 Ruby 0

My crypto013 homework in ruby.

writings 0

pyethapp * Python 0

celluloid * Ruby 0

Actor-based concurrent object framework for Ruby

pydevp2p * Python 0

Python Implementation of the Ethereum P2P stack

secp256k1-py * Python 0

Python FFI bindings for secp256k1 :dizzy:

tests * Python 0

Common tests for all Ethereum implementations

www * HTML 0


pyethereum * Python 0

Next generation cryptocurrency network

pyrlp * Python 0

The python RLP serialization library

serpent * C++ 0

rack-mini-profiler * Ruby 0

Profiler for your development and production Ruby rack apps.

slock-js * JavaScript 0

the backend of the slock framework

solidity * C++ 0

The Solidity Contract-Oriented Programming Language

orm_adapter * Ruby 0

Provides a single point of entry for using basic features of ruby ORMs

peatio * Ruby 0

An open-source, white label cryptocurrency exchange

react-typeahead * JavaScript 0

Pure react-based typeahead and typeahead-tokenizer

janx.github.io 0

Personal website.

react-boilerplate * JavaScript 0

Boilerplate for creating a React npm package

labs.bitshares.org * CSS 0


weibo_2 * Ruby 0

A ruby gem for sina weibo oauth2 api, with examples, and it actually works.

bitshares * C++ 0

Libraries and Utilities for building DACs

boilr * Java 0

Cryptocurrency and bullion price alarms for Android

authlogic * Ruby 0

A simple model based ruby authentication solution.

lain * Lua 0

Awesome WM complements

awesome-copycats * Lua 0

Awesome WM themes

proof-of-liabilities * JavaScript 0

Proof of Liabilities (PoL) is a scheme designed to let companies that accept monetary deposits from consumers (e.g. Bitcoin exchanges, gambling websites, online Bitcoin wallets, etc.) prove their total amount of deposits (their liabilities) without compromising the privacy of individual users.

rubychina4android * Java 0


---- 0

chef-repo-riak-cluster Ruby 0

Build a riak cluster with vagrant and chef.

sms-fu Ruby 0

awesome Lua 0

awesome wm configurations

xmonad-log-plasmoid Python 0

Xmonad log applet for KDE4, like xmonad-log-applet for Gnome

riak-ruby-client * Ruby 0

Ruby client for Riak

some-pages 0

Random static pages

alipay * Ruby 0

An unofficial alipay ruby gem

more-shortcuts JavaScript 0

Gnome shell extension, provide additional functions and shortcuts to those functions.

faster_open_struct * Ruby 0

Up to 40 (!) times more memory efficient version of OpenStruct

flight * JavaScript 0

A lightweight, component-based JavaScript framework

acts-as-taggable-on * Ruby 0

A tagging plugin for Rails applications that allows for custom tagging along dynamic contexts.

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Vim script 80 98.88% 68
CoffeeScript 153 97.20% 8
C 3344 93.23% 7
JavaScript 5147 95.30% 33
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