Yang, Bo


fastring Scala 119

Extremely fast string formatting

memcontinuationed Scala 52

Memcached client for Scala

protoc-gen-as3 ActionScript 49

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/protoc-gen-as3

protoc-gen-haxe Haxe 35

Protocol Buffers compiler and run-time library for Haxe

scalajs-all-in-one-template Scala 24

The All-in-One Scala.js static web project template

stateless-future * Scala 15

Asynchronous programming in fully featured Scala syntax.

hoo Haxe 15

Haxe Operator Overloading

Control.Dsl Haskell 10

An alternative to monads in do notation

commons-continuations Scala 10

Utilities for Scala continuations

go-for-ever 9


haxe-continuation * Haxe 7

Asynchronous programming in a natural multi-thread-like syntax, escaping from the callback hell.

zero-log Scala 6

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/zero-log

Curried.scala Scala 5

sbt-cppp Scala 5

Cross-Project Protobuf Plugin for Sbt

pttrt Scala 5

Pass Them To Run-Time

immutable-future Scala 3

A set of DSL for asynchronous programming, in the pure functional favor.

phpjs * JavaScript 2

php.js implements PHP functions in JavaScript

scala-junction Scala 2

Create NTFS junction point from Scala or Java.

Dsl.scala-akka-actor Scala 1

continuation.scala Scala 1

trigger-inline-macro-from-compiler-plugin Scala 1

swc2dot Scala 1

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/swc2dot

scaladoc-macro-annotations Scala 1

almond-images 1

Docker images for almond

islandmap Scala 1

offnet * Jupyter Notebook 1

The Unified Neural Network

Compute.scala * Scala 1

Parallel computing on GPU and other devices, using OpenCL or Vulkan Compute

mahjong * Scala 1

开源中文分词工具包,中文分词Web API,Lucene中文分词,中英文混合分词

aws-ec2-instance-pool Haxe 1

AWS EC2 instance pool

graphene * C++ 1

deeplearning.thoughtworks.school CSS 1

DeepLearning.scala * Scala 1

A simple DSL for creating complex neural networks

stateless-future-util * Scala 1

Utilities for Stateless Futures

cs231n_2016_homework * Jupyter Notebook 1

Assignment 1 of Stanford CS231n 2016 winter course. Modified for Python 3.

Binding.scala-sample Scala 1

demos * HTML 1

Demonstrations for various tools I've created.

scala-ssh-shell * Scala 1

Your Scala SSH backdoor into the jvm

docs.scala-lang * JavaScript 0

The Scala Documentation website

nameBasedXml.scala * Scala 0

nameBasedXml.scala-0 Scala 0

translate * 0

Translate - a PyTorch Language Library

pytext * 0

A natural language modeling framework based on PyTorch

html.scala * 0

sde * Scala 0

effpi * Scala 0

Verified message-passing programs in Dotty

DeepFaceLab * Python 0

DeepFaceLab is a tool that utilizes machine learning to replace faces in videos. Includes prebuilt ready to work standalone Windows 7,8,10 binary (look readme.md).

yang-bo.com Ruby 0

OverriddenClassLoader Java 0

TwentySecondsCurriculumVitae-LaTex * TeX 0

Write Beautiful Curriculum Vitae in LaTex, that ensures twenty seconds reading.

node-pad * CoffeeScript 0

Left and right string padding for NodeJs

ScalaMock * Scala 0

Native Scala mocking framework

scala-project-template * 0

Dsl.scala * Scala 0

A framework to create embedded domain-specific languages in Scala

dsl-domains-cats * Scala 0

mockreader Scala 0

sbt-best-practice * Scala 0

Configure common build settings for a Scala project

akkajstestbug Scala 0

tryt.scala * Scala 0

Monad transformers for exception handling

sbt-delombok * Scala 0

annotation-processor-demo Scala 0

auto * Java 0

A collection of source code generators for Java.

com.yang_bo.dsl Scala 0

fast-string-interpolator * Scala 0

Scala macro that generates ultra-fast string interpolators.

case-app * Scala 0

Type-level & seamless command-line argument parsing for Scala

github-pages-demo * Scala 0

Demo to experiment with Github Pages

zinc-package-object-recompile Scala 0

scastie * Scala 0

An interactive playground for Scala

sbt-dynver * Scala 0

An sbt plugin to dynamically set your version from git

hxformat-1 HaXe 0

Support for different file formats in Haxe. (Unofficial GitHub mirror. Updated hourly, except when something goes wrong, then it sometimes takes me a few days to fix it).

vanilla * Scala 0

github-release-notes * JavaScript 0

Node module to create a release or a changelog from a tag and uses issues or commits to creating the release notes.

modularizer * Scala 0

sbt-scala-js-map * Scala 0

A Sbt plugin that configures source mapping for Scala.js projects hosted on Github

examples * Jupyter Notebook 0

A collection of Jupyter notebooks showing what you can do with the Almond Scala kernel.

DefinitelyTyped * TypeScript 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

sbt-sassify * Scala 0

sbt-web plugin for Sass files

HashRoute.scala 0

scalajs-bundler * Scala 0

awesome-LADE * 0

Awesome collection for LADE-Large Architecture Digitalize Evolutionary

lombok * Java 0

Very spicy additions to the Java programming language.

sbt-sonatype * Scala 0

A sbt plugin for publishing Scala/Java projects to the Maven central.

sbt-release-early * Scala 0

Opinionated sbt plugin to release your artifacts early, both on merge and via git tag.

scalafiddle-io * Dockerfile 0

Configuration repository for scalafiddle.io

Haskelly * TypeScript 0

Haskelly is a VS Code extension that provides complete support for casual and expert Haskell development.

gatlingdemo Scala 0

ngx-datatable * TypeScript 0

✨ A feature-rich yet lightweight data-table crafted for Angular

jenv * Shell 0

Manage your Java environment

spring-security * Java 0

Spring Security

spring-cloud-contract * Groovy 0

Support for Consumer Driven Contracts in Spring

graphulo * Java 0

Graphulo: Accumulo library of matrix math primitives and graph algorithms

node-maven * JavaScript 0

Maven for Node.js

yamlbeans * Java 0

Java object graphs, to and from YAML automatically

follow-redirects * JavaScript 0

Drop in replacement for the HTTP and HTTPS modules to automatically follow redirects. NPM module for Node.js

stackage * Shell 0

"Stable Hackage": vetted consistent packages from Hackage

mtl * Haskell 0

The Monad Transformer Library

stack-issue-4335 Haskell 0

jupyter-scala * Scala 0

Lightweight Scala kernel for Jupyter / IPython 3

echarts-countries-js * JavaScript 0

Packages 213 countries and regions as an asset for echarts.

echarts-china-cities-js * JavaScript 0

Packages the maps of Chinese cities for echarts.

kittens * Scala 0

Automatic type class derivation for Cats

Random-Erasing * Python 0

Random Erasing Data Augmentation

pytorch-wrn * Python 0

PyTorch implementation of "Wide Residual Networks", BMVC 2016

wide-residual-networks * Lua 0

3.8% and 18.3% on CIFAR-10 and CIFAR-100

jmh-view * Scala 0

Embeddable JMH report view written in ScalaJS

sbt-big * Scala 0

Proposal for faster sbt launch times and more stable plugin ecosystem

better-monadic-for * Scala 0

Desugaring scala `for` without implicit `withFilter`s

scalafiddle-core * Scala 0

Source code for the scalafiddle.io compilation service

ghc-proposals * 0

Proposed compiler and language changes for GHC and GHC/Haskell

SystemesInformatiques * C 0

Cours de Systèmes informatiques (C, Unix/Linux, ...)

polygonal-ai Haxe 0

A* Pathfinding with ds

tutorial * Scala 0

Scalameta tutorial

sbt-example * Scala 0

Run Scaladoc as unit tests

sum-benchmark Scala 0

pocl-feedstock * Shell 0

A conda-smithy repository for pocl.

pocl * C 0

pocl - Portable Computing Language

scaladex * Scala 0

The Scala Package Index

EAST * C++ 0

A tensorflow implementation of EAST text detector

scala-logging * Scala 0

Convenient and performant logging library for Scala wrapping SLF4J.

sbteclipse * Scala 0

Plugin for sbt to create Eclipse project definitions

Expressions.scala * Scala 0

git-punchcard-plot * Python 0

a tool to visualize the time distribution of commits

pygal * Python 0

PYthon svg GrAph plotting Library

scala-js-hashes * Scala 0

js-hashes facade types for Scala.js

playground-binding.scala * Scala 0

:balloon: My playground for playing with scala, scalajs and binding.scala

dotty * Scala 0

Research platform for new language concepts and compiler technologies for Scala.

homebrew-science * Ruby 0

:beer::microscope: Scientific formulae for the Homebrew package manager

LaTeX-Workshop * JavaScript 0

AIO LaTeX extension for VSCode to preview, compile, hint, and more.

jekyll-jupyter-notebook * Ruby 0

Jekyll Jupyter Notebook plugin

85 * Erlang 0

Though the Chinese should adore APL, it's FORTRAN they put their money on. -- Alan J. Perlis

sbt-launcher-package * Scala 0

Packaging for SBT so you can run it natively.

beanpuree * Scala 0

Middle layer between JavaBeans and shapeless

lwjgl3 * Kotlin 0

LWJGL is a Java library that enables cross-platform access to popular native APIs useful in the development of graphics (OpenGL), audio (OpenAL) and parallel computing (OpenCL) applications.

awesome-machine-learning * Python 0

A curated list of awesome Machine Learning frameworks, libraries and software.

scalameta * Scala 0

Your favorite language gets closer to bare meta.

paradise * Scala 0

Implementation of new-style macros for scalac

deeplearning-scala CSS 0

scalapuzzlers.github.com * HTML 0

Github Pages behind scalapuzzlers.com

RAII.scala * Scala 0

Resource Acquisition Is Initialization

freebind * Scala 0

Exploration of the Free monad without point

DeepLearning.scala-website * Jupyter Notebook 0

Deep Learning tutorial for DeepLearning.scala

scalaz * Scala 0

An extension to the core Scala library for functional programming.

partials 0

ErasedTypes * Scala 0

community-builds * Shell 0

Scala community builds

MarisaKirisame.github.io * HTML 0

personal homepage

stateless-future-akka * Scala 0

The ultimate solution to control flow of Akka actors

Vegas * Scala 0

The missing MatPlotLib for Scala + Spark

sbt-bin * JavaScript 0

Binary wrapper for SBT

nd4s * Scala 0

ND4S: N-Dimensional Arrays for Scala. Scientific Computing a la Numpy. Based on ND4J.

example * Scala 0

An example of using scala.meta APIs

scalahost * Scala 0

Scala host for scala.meta

js-framework-benchmark * JavaScript 0

A comparison of the perfomance of a few popular javascript frameworks

tensorflow-notebook * Jupyter Notebook 0

angular.js * JavaScript 0

HTML enhanced for web apps

scala-macro-aop * Scala 0

autoproxy * Scala 0

The autoproxy project - rebooted (this time with macros)

nd4j * Java 0

Fast, Scientific and Numerical Computing for the JVM (NDArrays)

imap2maildir * HTML 0

Backs up an IMAP mailbox to a maildir. Useful for backing up mail stored on free webmail providers, etc.

sbt-web * Scala 0

DeepDarkFantasy * Scala 0

sbt-web-scalajs * Scala 0

SBT plugin to use Scala.js along with any sbt-web server.

sbt-revolver * Scala 0

An SBT plugin for dangerously fast development turnaround in Scala

sbt-spark-package * Scala 0

Sbt plugin for Spark packages

activator * Scala 0

Typesafe Activator

Full-Stack-Scala-Starter * Scala 0

Play 2.5, ScalaJS, Binding.scala starter project.

fgo * Python 0

Binding.scala * Scala 0

Reactive data-binding for Scala

scalafiddle-editor * Scala 0

Web user interface for ScalaFiddle

graphviz-preview * CoffeeScript 0

GraphViz preview package for Atom text editor

scalatest * Scala 0

A testing tool for Scala and Java developers

as3recording ActionScript 0

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/as3recording

alleycats * Scala 0

Cats instances and classes which are outlaws, miscreants, and ne'er-do-wells.

cats * Scala 0

Lightweight, modular, and extensible library for functional programming.

lift-mnist-demo * JavaScript 0

lift * Python 0

LIsp Flavoured Tensor

lift-tutorial * Python 0

sbt-jni * Scala 0

Sbt plugin to ease working with JNI

dmlc-core * C++ 0

A common bricks library for building scalable and portable distributed machine learning.

macro-compat * Scala 0

macro-compat is a small library which allows you to compile macros with Scala 2.10.x which are written to the Scala 2.11/2 macro API.

mxnet * C++ 0

Lightweight, Portable, Flexible Distributed/Mobile Deep Learning with Dynamic, Mutation-aware Dataflow Dep Scheduler; for Python, R, Julia, Scala, Go, Javascript and more

harpoon * Python 0

Docker client that reads from yaml files

sparkling-water * Scala 0

Sparkling Water provides H2O functionality inside Spark cluster

scala-arm * Scala 0

This project aims to be the Scala Incubator project for Automatic-Resource-Management in the scala library

sde-example 0

scala-js * Scala 0

Scala.js, the Scala to JavaScript compiler

homebrew-core * Ruby 0

:beers: Core formulae for the Homebrew package manager

scalatags * Scala 0

ScalaTags is a small XML/HTML construction library for Scala.

scalajs-linker-used-concurrently-bug Scala 0

real_world_scala * HTML 0

an introduction book on real world's scala, including its main stream frameworks and MOMs...

utest * Scala 0

A tiny, portable testing library for Scala

scaloid * Scala 0

Scaloid makes your Android code easy to understand and maintain.

spark * Scala 0

Mirror of Apache Spark

upickle-pprint * Scala 0

Combined repository for uPickle/PPrint

akka * Scala 0

Akka Project

specs2 * Scala 0

Software Specifications for Scala

MetaRx * Scala 0

Reactive data structures for Scala and Scala.js

scala-js-dom * Scala 0

statically typed dom wrappers for scala-js

todomvc * JavaScript 0

Helping you select an MV* framework - Todo apps for Backbone.js, Ember.js, AngularJS, and many more

Ammonite * Scala 0

Rock-solid shell scripting

consulo-scala * Scala 0


DeepLearningTutorials * Python 0

Deep Learning Tutorial notes and code. See the wiki for more info.

breeze * Scala 0

Breeze is a numerical processing library for Scala.

MacPassHTTP * Objective-C 0

KeePassHTTP Plugin MacPass

organization-bff Scala 0

ci-template-for-sbt-libraries 0

Travis CI template repository for Sbt libraries

organization-list-js HTML 0

async-props * JavaScript 0

Co-located data loading for React Router

organization-list Scala 0

widok * Scala 0

Reactive web framework for the JVM and Scala.js

total-stargazers Scala 0

An web application that queries the total number of stargazers of all repositories that belongs to a specific Github user

doctor-wang Scala 0

mockatoo * Haxe 0

A cross platform mocking framework for Haxe. Supports JavaScript, Flash, C++, PHP and Neko.

registrolivre * JavaScript 0


scala-js-website * Ruby 0

Source for http://www.scala-js.org/

blog * CSS 0

org blog generator

caniuse * JavaScript 0

Raw browser/feature support data from caniuse.com

async-http-client * Java 0

Asynchronous Http and WebSocket Client library for Java

play-each-example Scala 0

Example application for the blog Business Friendly Functional Programming

sbt-haxe-sample Haxe 0

sample project for sbt-haxe

awesome-scala * 0

A community driven list of useful Scala libraries, frameworks and software.

wordpress-json-api * PHP 0

Fork of WordPress JSON API

auto-parser Haxe 0

rest-rpc * Scala 0

rest-rpc-core * Haxe 0

sbt-rest-rpc * Scala 0

rest-rpc-play * Scala 0

rest-rpc-sample * Scala 0

shapeless * Scala 0

Generic programming for Scala

scalaz-monad-factory * Scala 0

A macro library that converts native imperative syntax to scalaz.Monad

json-stream * Haxe 0

scala-labs * Scala 0

A collection of hands-on programming exercises aimed at teaching you to program in Scala

yin * Java 0

the Yin programming language

pico-logger Scala 0

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/pico-logger

atry-misc 0

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/atry-misc

nodejs-std * Haxe 0

Some of the Haxe std library for Node.js

lc1-node-controller-helper * JavaScript 0

Node module which builds out controller functions for sequalize

lc1-node-route-helper * JavaScript 0

Node module which providers helper functions for routing

lc1-node-partial-reponse-helper * JavaScript 0

Node module to Integrate the google partial response pattern

lc1-discussion-service * JavaScript 0

topcoder Discussion Service

marked-toc * 0

Generate a TOC (table of contents) for markdown files.

csharp-bcp * C# 0

csharp-bcp-rpc * C# 0

stateless-future-test * Scala 0

Test cases for stateless-future

scala-bcp * Scala 0

sbt-haxe * Scala 0

haxe-import-csv * Haxe 0

haxe-scala-library * Haxe 0

haxe-scala-stm * Haxe 0

sbt-haxe-test-interface * Scala 0

json-stream-bson * Scala 0

BSON Utilities for JSON Stream

haxe-util * Haxe 0

scala-bcp-rpc * Scala 0

flashdevelop * 0

FlashDevelop is a free and open source code editor.

sbtproperties Scala 0

Plugin for sbt to read properties from a file and make them available as a map

HaxeManual * 0

The official Haxe manual

haxe * 0

Haxe - The Cross-Platform Toolkit

dbyll * CSS 0

Stylish, minimalistic theme for jekyll.

spoofax * 0

strategoxt * 0

The Stratego program transformation language

gatling * Scala 0

Optimized Stress Tool

http-tos 0

hxparse * 0

haxe Lexer/Parser library

website * 0

The source for scala-sbt.org

ReactiveMongo * 0

Non-blocking, Reactive MongoDB Driver for Scala

firetongue * 0

A translation/localization framework written in Haxe

haxelib * 0

The Haxe library manager. This repository contains the command line "haxelib" tool as well as the source for both the haxelib server API and haxelib website. Contributions welcome!

haxe.old * OCaml 0

Unofficial GitHub mirror of Haxe and dependencies. Updated hourly, except when something goes wrong (then it sometimes takes me a few days to fix it).

stateless-future-example Scala 0

dox * 0

Haxe documentation generator.

haxe.org * Haxe 0

The new haxe website (Work in Progress)

hxcs * Haxe 0

Haxe C# support library. Build scripts and support code.

scala-ide * Scala 0

Scala IDE for Eclipse

make-release-notes * Scala 0

The project that generates Scala release notes.

scala * Scala 0

The Scala programming language

haxelib-run Haxe 0

vimfiles * VimL 0

My vimfiles.

core * Haxe 0

core library used by other polygonal libraries

pbc * C 0

A protocol buffers library for C

hxformat * Haxe 0

Unofficial git mirror, updated every 12 hours.

hello-world * Assembly 0

Hello world in every programming language

macrocosm * Scala 0

Exploration of Scala macros

Flint * ActionScript 0

Actionscript 3 Particle Engine for Flash and Flex

sbt-release * Scala 0

A release plugin for sbt (>= 0.11.0)

vim-addon-sbt * VimL 0

(documentation: doc/*) run simple build tool in the background feeding compilation results into Vim quickfix window. It contrast to :set makeprg=sbt and :make command it keeps a sbt instance running in background feeding the command to stdin only.

box2dflash-haxe * ActionScript 0

Box2DFlashAS3 port for haXe, all class and package are renamed to be compatible with haXe.

xsbt * Scala 0

sbt, a build tool for Scala

nbscala * Java 0

NetBeans Plugin for Scala

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
Haxe 2 98.44% 58
Scala 11 99.86% 258
ActionScript 15 98.96% 49
Haskell 33 97.43% 10
Jupyter Notebook 1610 90.27% 2
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