Leo Ma

Shanghai, China

yasea C 4493

RTMP live streaming client for Android

leetcode C 2383

LeetCode in pure C

bplustree C 1573

A minimal but extreme fast B+ tree indexing structure demo for billions of key-value storage

CuckooFilter C 278

Substitute for bloom filter.

tacotron * Python 272

A TensorFlow implementation of Google's Tacotron speech synthesis with pre-trained model

Tacotron-2 * Python 157

Deepmind's Tacotron-2 Tensorflow implementation

skiplist C 147

skip list with rank, code less than z_set in redis

kdtree C 141

Absolute balanced kdtree for fast kNN search.

tacotron2 Python 74

Forked from NVIDIA/tacotron2 and merged with Rayhane-mamah/Tacotron-2

yasea-apk 50

yasea apk download

tash C 41

An advanced Tompson Shell porting on Linux.

ezfm_diarisation Python 30


smithsnmp C 27

SNMP agent for monitoring

nanomsg-tutorial C 19

Forked from https://github.com/dysinger/nanomsg-examples

WaveRNN * Python 14

WaveRNN Vocoder + TTS

srs-librtmp C++ 13

librtmp from SRS

geekutils C 10

Utilities for geek.

rbtree C 7

Tree structure dump for debugging

dc_tts * Python 7

A TensorFlow Implementation of DC-TTS: yet another text-to-speech model

pysptk * Python 6

A python wrapper for Speech Signal Processing Toolkit (SPTK).

python-pinyin * Python 6


mp4parser_android Java 4

Settle fork from https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/mp4parser

C-Thread-Pool * 2

A minimal but powerful thread pool in ANSI C

SqueezeWave * Python 2

melgan * Python 2

MelGAN vocoder (compatible with NVIDIA/tacotron2)

gst-tacotron * Python 2

A tensorflow implementation of the "Style Tokens: Unsupervised Style Modeling, Control and Transfer in End-to-End Speech Synthesis"

LPCNet * C 2

Efficient neural speech synthesis

GST-Tacotron-1 * Python 2

A PyTorch implementation of Style Tokens: Unsupervised Style Modeling, Control and Transfer in End-to-End Speech Synthesis

leetcode-1 * C++ 2

LeetCode Problems' Solutions

waveglow * Python 1

A Flow-based Generative Network for Speech Synthesis

libQtShadowsocks * C++ 1

A lightweight and ultra-fast shadowsocks library written in C++14 with Qt framework

pydub * Python 1

Manipulate audio with a simple and easy high level interface

deepvoice3_pytorch * Python 1

PyTorch implementation of convolutional neural networks-based text-to-speech synthesis models

ajvm * Java 1

A hobby jvm, just want to know how a java virtual machine works.

World * C++ 1

A high-quality speech analysis, manipulation and synthesis system

WebRTC-APM-for-Android * C++ 1

CameraFilter * Java 1

📷 Realtime camera filters for android.

smartsnmp * C 1

Easily writing boring SNMP MIB with Lua.

ExoPlayer * Java 1

An extensible media player for Android

multi-speaker-tacotron-tensorflow * Python 1

Multi-speaker Tacotron in TensorFlow.

cityhash C++ 1

cityhash in pure C

deep-voice-conversion * Python 1

Deep neural networks for voice conversion (voice style transfer) in Tensorflow

rbtree-kernel * C 1

rbtree implementation adapted from linux kernel thus can be used in your own c program(of course in userspace).

libfastcommon * 1

c common functions library extracted from my open source projects FastDFS. this library is very simple and stable. functions including: string, logger, chain, hash, socket, ini file reader, base64 encode / decode, url encode / decode, fasttimer etc. detail info please see the c header files.

Speech-Transformer * Python 0

A PyTorch implementation of Speech Transformer, an End-to-End ASR with Transformer network on Mandarin Chinese.

torch-stft * 0

An STFT/iSTFT for PyTorch.

PinyinIME * 0


yolov3-pytorch * 0

A pytorch implementation of yolov3

cn-text-normalizer * Python 0

A python module that convert chinese written string to read string. 一个python包:将中文书面字符串转换为口语字符串。

pkuseg-python * 0

pkuseg多领域中文分词工具; The pkuseg toolkit for multi-domain Chinese word segmentation

WaveRNN-TF * Python 0

Unlimited-playback * Python 0

This is a Web App that uses machine learning and Markov chain sag to extend audio.

openbilibili-go-common * 0

听说这是来自 https://github.com/openbilibili/go-common/ 的 “哔哩哔哩 bilibili 网站后台工程 源码”,不过咱也不知道这是啥。

multi-task-learning-example * Jupyter Notebook 0

A multi-task learning example for the paper https://arxiv.org/abs/1705.07115

TTS-Cube * Python 0

End-2-end speech synthesis with recurrent neural networks

libgit2-log-sucks C 0

Show how libgit2 log example sucks.

fastdfs * C 0

FastDFS is an open source high performance distributed file system (DFS). It's major functions include: file storing, file syncing and file accessing, and design for high capacity and load balance.

ShadowVPN * C 0

A fast, safe VPN based on libsodium

rax * C 0

A radix tree implementation in ANSI C

opencaesar3 * C++ 0

opencaesar3 fork from sourceforge

ChezScheme * Scheme 0

Chez Scheme

recipes * C++ 0

Some code snippets for sharing

twemproxy * C 0

A fast, light-weight proxy for memcached and redis

tengine * C 0

A distribution of Nginx with some advanced features

uip * C 0

The historical uIP sources

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