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Workerman PHP 7922

An asynchronous event driven PHP framework for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Supports HTTP, Websocket, SSL and other custom protocols. Supports libevent, HHVM, ReactPHP.

phpsocket.io PHP 1580

A server side alternative implementation of socket.io in PHP based on workerman.

workerman-todpole PHP 1557

HTLM5+WebSocket+PHP(Workerman) , rumpetroll server writen using php

shadowsocks-php PHP 841

A php port of shadowsocks based on workerman. A socks5 proxy written in PHP.

workerman-chat PHP 828

Websocket chat room written in PHP based on workerman.

web-msg-sender PHP 807

Web message pusher written in PHP based on workerman.

GatewayWorker PHP 660

Distributed realtime messaging framework based on workerman.

live-camera PHP 394

Live camera based on HTML5+Canvas+Websocket+PHP (Workerman).

workerman-statistics PHP 304

一个分布式统计监控系统 包含PHP客户端 、服务端

workerman-thrift PHP 262

Thrift RPC for php based on workerman.

BrowserQuest-PHP PHP 251

BrowserQuest server in PHP base on workerman. A PHP/HTML5/JavaScript multiplayer game experiment.

workerman-jsonrpc PHP 201


GatewayClient PHP 200

Client For GatewayWorker

live-ascii-camera PHP 191


workerman-vmstat PHP 148


phptty PHP 129

Share your terminal as a web application. PHP terminal emulator based on workerman.

php-socks5 PHP 114

socks5 proxy written in PHP based on workerman.

workerman-for-win PHP 112

workerman 3.x windows 版本(目前linux版本已经兼容windows,此版本不再维护)

mqtt PHP 111

Asynchronous MQTT client for PHP based on workerman.

workerman-flappy-bird PHP 108

flappy bird 多人在线版

php-http-proxy PHP 106

HTTP proxy written in PHP based on workerman.

channel PHP 89

Interprocess communication component for workerman

workerman-queue PHP 87

workerman 消息队列

workerman-webrtc JavaScript 79

php webrtc demo based on workerman

workerman-chat-for-win PHP 51

workerman-chat windows版本

GlobalData PHP 48


workerman-filemonitor PHP 46

监控文件更新并自动reload workerman

workerman-todpole-web JavaScript 46


workerman-manual HTML 36

workerman manual for english and 中文

mysql PHP 28

Long-living MySQL connection for daemon.

workerman-todpole-for-win PHP 25


workerman.net PHP 20


workerman-MT PHP 19


GatewayWorker-for-win PHP 16

GatewayWorker for windows.

web-msg-sender-for-win PHP 16

web-msg-sender for win

phpsocket.io-emitter PHP 15

workerman-filemonitor-inotify PHP 15

workerman文件监控并自动reload inotify版本

workerman-manual-zh 15


phpsocket.io-for-win PHP 12

awesome-php * 12

A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things.

global-timer PHP 11

Distributed timer for workerman.

webserver-example PHP 9

tcp-proxy-demo PHP 6


Lelive * PHP 4

A live platform with lecloud

http-client PHP 3

Asynchronous http client for PHP based on workerman.

en.workerman.net PHP 3


psr7 * PHP 1

PSR-7 HTTP message library

workerman-teach PHP 1

web-frameworks * PHP 0

Which is the fastest web framework?

amr-player * JavaScript 0

play amr format audio with JavaScript

FrameworkBenchmarks * PHP 0

Source for the TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks project

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