forgit Shell 1710

:zzz: A utility tool powered by fzf for using git interactively.

minimap.vim Vim script 585

📡 Blazing fast minimap / scrollbar for vim, powered by code-minimap written in Rust.

code-minimap Rust 321

🛰 A high performance code minimap render.

tmux-fzf-url Shell 275

🚀 Quickly open urls on your terminal screen!

csview Rust 256

📠 A high performance csv viewer with cjk/emoji support.

tmux-power Shell 159

🎨 Tmux powerline theme

dotfiles Shell 60

:house_with_garden: My dotfiles

formarks Shell 40

:bookmark: Quickly navigate your work path!

emoji-cli Ruby 11

xaj-hydrological-model Java 10


estunnel Rust 8

:articulated_lorry: Tool for downloading data from elasticsearch cluster.

tmux-net-speed Shell 5

fzf-marks * Shell 4

:speedboat: Little script to create, navigate and delete bookmarks in Bash and Zsh, using the fuzzy finder fzf

awesome-stars 3

A curated list of my GitHub stars!

clitrans Rust 2

Yet another command-line translator (Chinese 🔄 English).

elastic-tunnel Kotlin 2

Tools for downloading data from elasticsearch

ListToggle * VimL 2

A vim plugin for toggling the display of the quickfix list and the location-list.

awm.config Lua 1

geo-locator Kotlin 1

A Kotlin & Java library for fast locating region by GPS coordinates.

spaceship-zsh-theme * Shell 1

:star: :rocket: An “Oh My ZSH!” theme for Astronauts.

producer-consumer-model C++ 1


advent-of-code-2020 Rust 1

🦀 Rust solutions to AoC 2020

pushover-cli * Python 1

pushover-cli is a command line client for https://pushover.net to send pushover notifications. Moreover it is possible with this client to pipe streams directly to your cellphone like tail -f /var/log/my.log | pushover-cli -

bat * 1

A cat(1) clone with wings.

protobuf.vim Vim script 1

Better vim syntax highlighting and indent plugin for Protobuf with grpc, grpc-gateway and grpc-swagger support.

awesome-tmux * 1

A list of awesome resources for tmux

epoch-cli Shell 1

🕓 Epoch converter for CLI

pbcopy Shell 1

Just a xclip wrapper

vim-keysound * Vim script 1

:wine_glass: Play typewriter sound in Vim when you are typing a letter

rustgrep Rust 1

sort C 1

A collection of sort algorithms

vim-gitignore Vim script 1

idea-settings 1

linuxify * 0

🍏🐧 Transparently transform the macOS CLI into a fresh GNU/Linux CLI experience.

homebrew-code-minimap Ruby 0

rust-blog * Rust 0

Educational blog posts for Rust beginners

wfxr.github.io CSS 0

semantic_logger * Ruby 0

Next generation logging system for Ruby to support highly concurrent, high throughput, low latency systems

rust * 0

Exercism exercises in Rust.

patterns * Shell 0

A catalogue of Rust design patterns, anti-patterns and idioms

vizunicode.vim Vim script 0

homebrew-csview Ruby 0

prettytable-rs * Rust 0

A rust library to print aligned and formatted tables

fcitx5-themes * 0


i 0

broot * 0

A new way to see and navigate directory trees : https://dystroy.org/broot

homebrew-clitrans Ruby 0

countwords * Rust 0

Playing with counting word frequencies (and performance) in various languages.

tmux-web-reachable Shell 0

rCore-Tutorial * 0

Tutorial for rCore OS step by step (3rd edition)

rCore-Tutorial-Book-v3 * 0

Documentation of rCore-Tutorial version 3.5 in Chinese.

talent-plan * 0

open source training courses about distributed database and distributed systemes

advent-of-code-2019 Rust 0

Rust solutions to AoC 2019

dotfiles-1 * 0

There is no place like ~/

factorio-server-manager * 0

A tool to help manage Factorio multiplayer servers including mods and save games.

lede * C 0

Lean's OpenWrt source

archcn_repo * 0

Arch Linux CN Repository

tagbar * Vim script 0

Vim plugin that displays tags in a window, ordered by scope

forepos Shell 0

fzf * Go 0

:cherry_blossom: A command-line fuzzy finder

Main * PowerShell 0

📦 The next-generation default bucket for Scoop.

xcolor * Rust 0

Lightweight color picker for X11

xaj-hydrological-model-demo Java 0


fd * 0

A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find'

pre-commit-rust * 0

Rust hooks for pre-commit

gojson * Go 0

Automatically generate Go (golang) struct definitions from example JSON

asciicast2gif * 0

Generate GIF animations from asciicasts (asciinema recordings)

criterion.rs * 0

Statistics-driven benchmarking library for Rust

ginzap * Go 0

Alternative logging through zap

dockerfile.vim * Vim script 0

Vim syntax file & snippets for Docker's Dockerfile

protobuf * Go 0

Go support for Google's protocol buffers

grpc-gateway-boilerplate * 0

All the boilerplate you need to get started with writing grpc-gateway powered REST services in Go

fuel * 0

The easiest HTTP networking library for Kotlin/Android

rime * Shell 0

Rime configuration for Squirrel (macOS) & fcitx-rime (Linux)

variety * 0

Wallpaper downloader and manager for Linux systems

awm-themes Lua 0

vim-plugins-profile * 0

:clock4: Profile Vim's Plugins, Generate Awesome Statistics and Optimize Vim Startup Time

Linux-NetSpeed * 0


pinyin-dicts 0

awesome-fish * 0

A curated list of packages, prompts, and resources for the fish shell.

tonic * 0

A native gRPC client & server implementation with async/await support.

pydicts Shell 0

runtime * Rust 0

Empowering everyone to build asynchronous software

travis-rust Rust 0

nginx-autoreload Shell 0

k-progress Kotlin 0

p 0

mit-license * CSS 0

Hosted MIT License with details controlled through this repo

iconful Shell 0

async_chat C++ 0

An async chat program including client-side and server-side

graph C++ 0

C++ implementation of graph and related algorithms

xlog Go 0

A wrapper of zerolog

SearchEngines 0

Vimperator 0

gitignore * 0

A collection of useful .gitignore templates

BufferSwitch.vim * VimL 0

Switch buffer with Alt-<number>

type-theme * CSS 0

A customizable theme for Jekyll

LinqTest C# 0


ClusteringAlgorithm C# 0


ForecastAlgorithm C# 0

asio * C++ 0

Asio C++ Library

travis-github-sync * Ruby 0

Syncing with GitHub in 1,000 easy steps

travis-broken-example * PHP 0

An example that will cause a build failure

maglev * Shell 0

:monorail: A Tmux theme made to work together with bullet-train.zsh

jsi * Java 0

Java Spatial Index

lein-project Clojure 0

Display lein project info.

xpr Go 0

ultisnips * Python 0

UltiSnips - The ultimate snippet solution for Vim. Send pull requests to SirVer/ultisnips!

fzf-chrome-marks Ruby 0

awesome-zsh-plugins * 0

A collection of ZSH frameworks, plugins & themes inspired by the various awesome list collections out there.

tmux-prefix-highlight * Shell 0

Plugin that highlights when you press tmux prefix key

odps-fzf Shell 0

Mac-CLI * Shell 0

 OS X command line tools for developers – The ultimate tool to manage your Mac. It provides a huge set of command line commands that automatize the usage of your OS X system.

zplug-cd * 0

zplug * Shell 0

:hibiscus: A next-generation plugin manager for zsh

vim-plug * Vim script 0

:hibiscus: Minimalist Vim Plugin Manager

logstash.vim * Vim script 0

highlights logstash configuration files

tmux-themepack * Shell 0

A pack of various Tmux themes.

blessed-contrib * JavaScript 0

Build terminal dashboards using ascii/ansi art and javascript

kotlin-web-site * JavaScript 0

The Kotlin Programming Language Website

tmuxinator Shell 0

zplug-rm * 0

zsh-themes Shell 0

2048 C++ 0

Famous game "2048" implemented by modern C++

dynamic-water-level-plot Java 0


tetris C++ 0

Famous game "Tetris" implemented by modern C++

pso Java 0

Particle swarm optimization Java implementation

pso-demo Java 0

Particle swarm optimization demo

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Vim script 19 99.73% 588
Rust 20 99.64% 589
Ruby 514 96.92% 11
Java 8328 90.31% 10
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