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WWDC_2015_Video_Subtitle JavaScript 400

WWDC 2015 Video 英文字幕 (共104个)

WWDC_2014_Video_Subtitle JavaScript 294

WWDC 2014 Video Subtitles

WWDC_2013_Video_Subtitle 283

Subtitle file(.srt) of WWDC 2013's Video

FLEXLoader Perl 218

A jailbreak iOS device tweak which can load FLEX dynamiclly

iReSign * Objective-C 95

iReSign allows iDevice app bundles (.ipa) files to be signed or resigned with a digital certificate from Apple for distribution. This tool is aimed at enterprises users, for enterprise deployment, when the person signing the app is different than the person(s) developing it.

QuickFind Objective-C 78

A Xcode plugin to help you find/search something more quickly and more conveniently.

FLEXDynamicLibProject Objective-C 24

A Xcode Dynamic Library project of FLEX

Thunder_Alfred_WorkFlow 19

迅雷下载的 Alfred workflow

iOS-SSL-KILLER Objective-C 19

FLVParser C++ 5

A simple FLV file parser, pure C++ implementation

ios-ota-buddy * Shell 4

Command line tool to aid in distributin iOS appliactions OTA using the ITMS-protocol (supported by iOS4 and later).

theos_demo Logos 3 Ruby 2


VideoToolboxSVC Swift 1

Apple introduced VideoToolbox with Low-latency encoding & SVC (Temporal Scalability) at WWDC 2021

xctool * Objective-C 1

xctool is a replacement for Apple's xcodebuild that makes it easier to build and test iOS and Mac projects.

FLEX * 1

An in-app debugging and exploration tool for iOS

FTCoreText * Objective-C 1

An open source Objective-C interface component that makes use of the CoreText framework to render static text content using a highly customisable markup syntax.

cow * Go 1

A HTTP proxy written in Go. COW can automatically identify blocked sites and use parent proxy to access.

wwdc2017_videos_subtitles * JavaScript 1

wwdc 2017 video subtitles

WWDC_2016_Video_Subtitle 1

XcodeGhost * Objective-C 1

"XcodeGhost" Source

CHAnimation * Objective-C 1

CHAnimation is a project used to demonstrate how to write your own animation engine, inspired by Facebook Pop.

Tcp-DNS-proxy * Python 1

A TCP dns proxy which can get the RIGHT ip address

objective-c-style-guide * 1

The Objective-C Style Guide used by The New York Times

TWBenchmark Objective-C 1

Simple benchmark helper class

xcode-themes * 1

My collection of Xcode themes

TheAmazingAudioEngine * Objective-C 1

Core Audio, Cordially: A sophisticated framework for iOS audio applications, built so you don't have to.

SpeakEnglish * Objective-C 1

PortalDemo * JavaScript 1

Demonstrates how plugins in Alipay portal works

UIImage-Resize * Objective-C 1

Resizing UIImage on iOS. ImageMagick-style.

chromium * 0

The official GitHub mirror of the Chromium source

XueshiQiao 0

hexo-theme-next * Stylus 0

Elegant and powerful theme for Hexo.

Snail * Swift 0

An observables framework for Swift

SwiftUIX * 0

An extension to the standard SwiftUI library.

RenZhengfei * 0


libdatachannel * 0

C/C++ WebRTC Data Channels and Media Transport standalone library

ffmpeg-on-apple-silicon * 0

Build ffmpeg for ARM-based Apple Silicon Macs

Bob * Objective-C 0

Bob 是一款 Mac 端翻译软件~

Starscream * Swift 0

Websockets in swift for iOS and OSX

jedis * Java 0

A blazingly small and sane redis java client

ios-app * 0

Official IVPN iOS app

cheddar-ios * Objective-C 0

Cheddar for iOS

FFmpeg * 0

Mirror of git://

mediapipe * 0

MediaPipe is the simplest way for researchers and developers to build world-class ML solutions and applications for mobile, edge, cloud and the web.

Hacker * CSS 0

A theme for Hexo

GitmentOfMyBlog 0

gitment comments for my blog

SYAppStart 0

a control app start image to custom hidden

vscode-javascript * 0

Contains the code snippets for JavaScript (ES6) development in VS Code editor

bbr * 0

fourier * 0

An Interactive Introduction to Fourier Transforms

iOS-netdiag * Objective-C 0

Network Diagnosis for iOS

libmediasoupclient * C++ 0

mediasoup client side C++ library

EasySequence * Objective-C 0

EasySequence is a powerful fundamental library to process sequcence type, such as array, set, dictionary. All type object which conforms to NSFastEnumeration protocol can be initialzed to an EZSequence instance, then you can operation with them. Finally, you can transfer them back to the original type.

AppRTC-iOS * Objective-C 0

Pure AppRTC iOS demo project, using GoogleWebRTC from CocoaPods.

WebRTC-Docker Shell 0

duplicated of

apprtc * JavaScript 0

The video chat demo app based on WebRTC

DianpingSDK Objective-C 0

大众点评SDK(非官方) Dianping Open Platform SDK (Unofficial)

AppX Objective-C 0

hexo-starter * JavaScript 0

Haraka * JavaScript 0

A fast, highly extensible, and event driven SMTP server

FULiveDemo * Objective-C 0

Faceunity 面部跟踪和虚拟道具 SDK 在 iOS 平台中的集成 Demo

NSLogger * Objective-C 0

A modern, flexible logging tool

twine * Ruby 0

Twine is a command line tool for managing your strings and their translations.

DLCImagePickerController * Objective-C 0

ImagePickerController with live filters, radial blur and more. Brought to you by Backspaces.

DB5 * Objective-C 0

666 0

REToolBox Objective-C 0

config * Shell 0

config files

headers * C 0

Headers. Not for documents. Not the opposite of footers.

swift-dsl-example * Swift 0

A micro domain-specific-language example for NSPredicate written in Swift.

YYCache * Objective-C 0

High performance cache framework for iOS.

linbox_server * Java 0

dumpdecrypted * Objective-C 0

Dumps decrypted mach-o files from encrypted iPhone app extensions and applications.

search-jira-issues-alfred-workflow * Shell 0

A customizable workflow for Alfred 2 to lookup issues on Atlassian Jira.

hacker-menu * JavaScript 0

Hacker News Delivered to Desktop :dancers:

ViewDeck * Objective-C 0

An implementation of the sliding functionality found in the Path 2.0 or Facebook iOS apps.

carte * JavaScript 0

Simple Jekyll-based documentation site for APIs.

LBDelegateMatrioska * Objective-C 0

Multicast delegation using NSProxy

mac_dotfiles * VimL 0

My Mac dot files

Xcode-Snippets * Objective-C 0

A few code snippets from my Xcode arsenal

iOS-Developer-Interview-Questions * 0

面试 iOS 开发时可以问的一些问题

QLImageset * Objective-C 0

QuickLook generator for package or directory with extension likes imageset, appiconset and launchimage.

pdsweb HTML 0

Automatically exported from

gfw_dns_resolver * C 0

This is a tool used to prevent GFW DNS poisoning and return to the correct ip

dotjs JavaScript 0

my .js

MobileDataSwitch * Objective-C 0

使用 CoreTelephony 中的私有接口,切换移动网络开关。

QuickFind_OLD Objective-C 0

A Xcode Plugin to help you find something more quickly and moremore convenient

alcatraz-packages * Ruby 0

Package list repository for Alcatraz

Xcode-Plugin-Template * Objective-C 0

Plugin base for Xcode 6+

Hammer * Ruby 0

A web vulnerability scanner framework

qiniu-autosync * Shell 0

Sync files to Qiniu Cloud Storage automaticly with inotify-tools

CCLogSystem * 0

A Log system for iOS.Support print, record and review logs.

SIAlertView * Objective-C 0

An UIAlertView replacement with block syntax and fancy transition styles.

mackup * Python 0

Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux)

Toolist 0


xcode_shell * Perl 0

shell script that used to auto-build xcode project

PNChart * Objective-C 0

A simple and beautiful chart lib used in Piner and CoinsMan for iOS

DBCamera * 0

DBCamera is a simple custom camera with AVFoundation

routable-ios * Objective-C 0

Routable, an in-app native URL router, for iOS

iphone-private-frameworks * C 0

Headers for private frameworks or undocumented interfaces of iPhoneOS 3.x or before (4.x is not supported yet).

RevealLoader * 0

Reveal Loader dynamically loads libReveal.dylib ( support) into iOS apps on jailbroken devices.

WWDC2014 * Objective-C 0

A Cocoa OSX App to help you download WWDC2014 videos

AFHARchiver * Objective-C 0

An AFNetworking extension to automatically generate HTTP Archive files of all of your network requests!

GBA4iOS * C 0

A fast GBA emulator for the iPhone/iPod Touch based on version 1.8.0 of gpSPhone by zodttd ( This version can be compiled directly in Xcode and deployed just like any other app. No jailbreak required.

UIView-DebugQuickLook * Objective-C 0

Overline * Objective-C 0

Objective-C utilities and shorthands.

BlocksKit * Objective-C 0

The Objective-C block utilities you always wish you had.

lib-mongomapper * Java 0

MongoDB to Java bean mapper

NSAttributedStringMarkdownParser * Objective-C 0

A Markdown NSAttributedString parser.

revel * Go 0

A version of the Play! web framework in Go

launchrocket * Objective-C 0

A Mac PrefPane to manage all your Homebrew-installed services

java-weixinlib * Java 0


CleanControlCenter 0

A Mobile Substrate Tweak to make your Control Center cleaner.

WhoCall * Objective-C 0

谁CALL我 - iOS来电信息语音提醒

MJPopupViewController * Objective-C 0

A UIViewController Category to display a ViewController as a popup with different transition effects.

Brushes * Objective-C 0

Painting app for the iPhone and iPad.

ObjectiveSugar * Objective-C 0

ObjectiveC additions for humans. Ruby style.

private_test_git_usage Go 0


Calc 0

Calc * 0

汉字转拼音,With Python

supervisor * Python 0

Supervisor process control system for UNIX

chinalaw * 0


SYEmojiPopover * Objective-C 0

Popover view to select emoji character from iOS 5+ possible characters.

SkinnedUI * Objective-C 0

A demo of changging theme/skin in iOS.

favicon-cheat-sheet * 0

Obsessive cheat sheet to favicon sizes/types. Please contribute! (Note: this may be in flux as I learn new things about favicon best practices.)

wax * C 0

Wax is a framework that lets you write native iPhone apps in Lua.

PKRevealController * Objective-C 0

PKRevealController (ex. ZUUIRevealController) is a delightful view controller container for iOS, enabling you to present multiple controllers on top of one another.

UISS * Objective-C 0

UIAppearance Stylesheets

PlaneWar * Objective-C 0


REPagedScrollView * Objective-C 0

Paged UIScrollView with an embedded UIPageControl.

KNSemiModalViewController * Objective-C 0


News-YC---iPhone * Objective-C 0

The iPhone version of News/YC, a Hacker News reader and interactive iOS application.

Weixin-Mac * Objective-C 0

微信网页版本的Mac Native的封装和扩展

XcodeColors * Objective-C 0

XcodeColors allows you to use colors in the Xcode debugging console. It's designed to aid in the debugging process.

TWBlockKit Objective-C 0

Add Block support for UIAlertView and so on

VVDocumenter-Xcode * Objective-C 0

Xcode plug-in which helps you write Javadoc style documents easier.

MMMarkdown * Objective-C 0

An Objective-C static library for converting Markdown to HTML.

GHMarkdownParser * Objective-C 0

A markdown parser for iOS based on discount.

MultiLayerNavigation * Objective-C 0

Drag to back Interaction Implementaion

FlipBoardNavigationController * Objective-C 0

This is a new navigation controller inspired by Flipboard.

UIKitCategoryAdditions * Objective-C 0

Block based Category additions for AlertView and ActionSheets

Asterism * Objective-C 0

Grand-Object-Dispatch * Objective-C 0

Objective-C wrapper for Grand Central Dispatch

shuttle * Objective-C 0

A simple SSH shortcut menu for OS X

ParcelKit * Objective-C 0

ParcelKit seamlessly integrates Core Data with Dropbox using the Dropbox Datastore API

Objective-C-Generics * Objective-C 0

Objective C Generics

ADTransitionController * Objective-C 0

UINavigationController with custom transitions

MHWDirectoryWatcher * Objective-C 0

A lightweight class for monitoring a directory for changes on iOS.

Hacker-News-for-iOS * Objective-C 0

Hacker News client for iPad and iPhone

ios-makefile * 0

The universal makefile for my iOS projects distributes IPAs in seconds

Underscore.m * Objective-C 0

A functional toolbelt for Objective-C

MongooseWrapper * C 0

An Objective-C Mongoose wrapper emulating Java servlets

CocoaHTTPServer * Objective-C 0

A small, lightweight, embeddable HTTP server for Mac OS X or iOS applications

MTMigration * Objective-C 0

Manages blocks of code that only need to run once on version updates in iOS apps.

RTLabel * Objective-C 0

simple rich text display for iOS using html-like markups

apns2 * Erlang 0

Forked for apns

PSTCollectionView * Objective-C 0

Open Source, 100% API compatible replacement of UICollectionView for iOS4.3+

GMGridView * Objective-C 0

A performant Grid-View for iOS (iPhone/iPad) that allows sorting of views with gestures (the user can move the items with his finger to sort them) and pinching/rotating/panning gestures allow the user to play with the view and toggle from the cellview to a fullsize display.

ioctocat * Objective-C 0

GitHub App for iOS (works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)

SIDownloader * Objective-C 0

ConcurrentCollectionOperations * Objective-C 0

Concurrent map and filter on NSArray, NSDictionary, NSSet using GCD

LTUpdate * Objective-C 0

LeT'sUpdate to the new version available in the AppStore! A GCD powered, ARC/MRC compatible class with block interfaces.

crackify * Objective-C 0

Protection for iOS apps from cracking

KSReachability * Objective-C 0

A better iOS & Mac reachability for a modern age.

PSAlertView * Objective-C 0

Modern block-based wrappers for UIAlertView and UIActionSheet.

AFDownloadRequestOperation * Objective-C 0

A progressive download operation for AFNetworking.

class-dump * Objective-C 0

Generate Objective-C headers from Mach-O files.

DocSets-for-iOS * C 0

Dedicated app for reading Apple's developer documentation on an iPad or iPhone

iConsole * Objective-C 0

In-app console for viewing logs and typing debug commands in iPhone apps

DayFlow * 0

iOS Date Picker + Infinite Scrolling

libextobjc * Objective-C 0

A Cocoa library to extend the Objective-C programming language.

AGMedallionView * Objective-C 0

iOS Picture View Control (Mac OS X Lion User's Avatar Like)

Reachability * Objective-C 0

ARC and GCD Compatible Reachability Class for iOS and MacOS. Drop in replacement for Apple Reachability

MMDrawerController * Objective-C 0

A lightweight, easy to use, Side Drawer Navigation Controller

FlatUIKit * Objective-C 0

A collection of awesome flat UI components for iOS.

nutz * Java 0


UIAlertView-Blocks * Objective-C 0

A category for UIAlertView which allows you to use blocks to handle the pressed button events rather than implementing a delegate.

injectionforxcode * Objective-C 0

Runtime Code Injection for Objective-C

KSImageNamed-Xcode * Objective-C 0

Xcode plug-in that provides autocomplete for imageNamed: calls

WaxPatch * C 0

Dynamically load a lua script to change the behavior of your iOS application.

BTIConcepts * Objective-C 0

A miscellaneous collection of code ideas

AFNetworking * Objective-C 0

A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework

gitignore * 0

A collection of useful .gitignore templates

BeeFancy * Objective-C 0


PonyDebugger * Objective-C 0

Remote network and data debugging for your native iOS app using Chrome Developer Tools

iosarticles * Objective-C 0


MGSplitViewController * Objective-C 0

A flexible, advanced split-view controller for iPad developers.

MGTileMenu * Objective-C 0

Tile-based contextual menu for iPad and iPhone developers.

NoteItIOS * Objective-C 0

Ios markdown notebook

HouseMD * Scala 0

HouseMD is an awesome diagnosing tool better than BTrace

urlmanager * Objective-C 0

URL Scheme为基础的NavigationController,让ViewController实现松耦合,不依赖

iOSSF * Objective-C 0


JSONKit * Objective-C 0

Objective-C JSON

tedis * Java 0


gs-collections * Java 0

Spoon-Knife * 0

This repo is for demonstration purposes only. Comments and issues may or may not be responded to.

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