Ben (Bingxing) Wang

Sunnyvale, CA

mac-precision-touchpad C 4707

Windows Precision Touchpad Driver Implementation for Apple MacBook / Magic Trackpad

NintendoSwitchPkg C 209

WIP UEFI EDK2 Implementation for Nintendo Switch or generic Tegra210 platforms

DFRDisplayKm C 134

Windows infrastructure support for Apple DFR (Touch Bar)

PrimeG2Pkg C 68

Running Windows on smartphone is not new. How about a calculator?

boot-shim C 63

Bootstraps ARM32/ARM64 ELF payloads on Qualcomm Windows platforms

AcpiS0ixPatcher C 45

Patches ACPI table to force enable S0ix on every platform

qemu C 40

Qemu with Apple Silicon support, based on the HVF patch from Alex with minor bug fixes

SynapticsTouch C 27

Synaptics RMI4 I2C F12 Touch Controller Driver for Lumia 950 XL and OnePlus 6T

DFRContentHost C# 17

DFR user-mode display host based on Avalonia XAML UI Framework

TapticEngineToast C# 16

Enables MacBook trackpad haptic feedback for Windows toast notifications

lk C 15

Experimental Little Kernel Android Bootloader for selected Lumia devices

uboot * C 12

U-Boot for HP Prime G2

Coreboot C 12

Display-enabled Nintendo Switch Coreboot

ikvm C# 10

Readonly mirror of IKVM on .NET Core 3.1

boot-shim-tegra-3 C 8

Boot Shim with a Tegra 3 (Surface RT) specific patch

ShareX * C# 7

HDR-enabled ShareX experimental copy

MediaWiki-Sm2Shim TypeScript 6

Yet another FlashMP3 Shim for MediaWiki, based on SoundManager2

monaco-mediawiki TypeScript 6

Experimental Monaco editor on MediaWiki

xnu * C 5

Porting the Darwin kernel to the AArch64/ARMv7/ARMv6-A architectures.

windows-driver-docs-ddi * 2

The official Windows Driver Kit DDI reference documentation sources

prinux * Makefile 2

Tools and scripts for running Linux on HP Prime calculator

WPinternals * 1

Tool to unlock the bootloader and enable Root Access on Windows Phones

imbushuo 1

LumiaUSBC * C 1

USB-C controller driver for the Nokia Lumia 950 and 950XL

Substrate C# 1

eXtensible Moegirlpedia Distributed copY System (xmdys)

MmixCaptcha PHP 1

MMIX Captcha Release Repository

Azure-vpn-config-samples * XSLT 1

VPN configuration samples for VPN devices with work with Azure VPN Gateways

magictrackpad2-dkms * C 1

A DKMS module to support the Apple Magic Trackpad 2

hexo-theme-typography * JavaScript 0

Rediscover the beauty of typography.

AspNetCore.Docs.ja-jp * 0

CrystalDiskInfo * 0


Notepad3 * C++ 0

Notepad like text editor based on the Scintilla source code. Notepad3 based on code from Notepad2 and MiniPath on code from metapath. Download Notepad3:

LuaJIT * 0

Mirror of the LuaJIT git repository

win32 * 0

Public mirror for win32-pr

Virtualization-Documentation * 0

Place to store our documentation, code samples, etc for public consumption.

network-cookbook * 0


gl4es * C 0

GL4ES is a OpenGL 2.1/1.5 to GL ES 2.0/1.1 translation library, with support for Pandora, ODroid, OrangePI, CHIP, Raspberry PI, Android, Emscripten and AmigaOS4.

SharpDX-Samples * C# 0

Official repository for all SharpDX Samples

azure-docs * PowerShell 0

Open source documentation of Microsoft Azure

FaceReplyBot PowerShell 0

A useless and boring telegram bot written in powershell

android_kernel_huawei_angler * C 0

LXC-ready Android kernel

u-boot * C 0

MW-FlowThread * PHP 0

A commenting system for MediaWiki

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C 13 99.98% 5347
XSLT 40 89.93% 1
Makefile 355 92.35% 2
C# 550 97.42% 51
TypeScript 977 95.14% 12
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