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blog Ruby 3510

Too young, too simple. Sometimes, naive.

simple-virtual-dom JavaScript 1646

Basic virtual-dom algorithm

list-diff JavaScript 163

Diff two lists in O(n).

MVW-demos JavaScript 100

Sample Codes for Model-View-Whatever Patterns

virtual-template JavaScript 78

Combining Template Engine and Virtual-DOM

nestscript JavaScript 51

A script nested in JavaScript, dynamically run code in environment without `eval` and `new Function`.

wx-arduino Python 35


feb JavaScript 21

Simple Front-end Development Workflow

home JavaScript 20

new home

amini TypeScript 19

Amini 是一个 Angular 风格的微信小程序开发库

backbone.Composite JavaScript 14

A plugin for backbone.js. Use composite pattern for backbone's views.

interview 11

stereojs JavaScript 10

for communication between browser‘s tabs

genea JavaScript 5

Genetic Algorithm for JavaScript

de-mini 3


easydict Python 3

The simplest dictionary on Linux.

feifanote JavaScript 3

Extremely Pure Online Notebook for Everyone (Front-end).

nestscript-demo JavaScript 2

使用 nestscript 编译的开源伪 3D 游戏

QLearning Go 2

A simple QLeaning Agent in Golang

RenZhengfei * 2


swagger-mocker Go 2

Create Mock API Server from Swagger 2.0 JSON file.

spring-security * Java 2

Spring Security

shooting-chicken JavaScript 2

Epic HTML5 Game By Livoras

saber JavaScript 2

Developing desktop like JavaScript Application integrating knockoutjs, jQuery and requirejs.

create-react-app * JavaScript 1

Create React apps with no build configuration.

shortest-path-in-diagram TypeScript 1


MQTT.js * JavaScript 1

The MQTT client for Node.js and the browser

ts-mixins 1

Mixins In TypeScript with Code Suggestions.

min-app-store JavaScript 1

Wechat Mini App Store

openyoudao * Python 1

openyoudao is a youdao client for linux.有道字典在Linux下的客户端,目前程序已经进入aur源,并支持Debian/Ubuntu fedora/centos 等常用发行版linux

tween-scroller CoffeeScript 1

jQuery Tween Scroller Plugin

ragejs JavaScript 1

RageJS, a JavaScript MVVM framework.

vue-boilerplate CoffeeScript 1

A boilerplate for building large app with vuejs.

outlet.js 0

A Bridge Between JavaScript and HTML.

too-lazy TypeScript 0

Too Lazy Too Write Markup Language.

iqld-ad-picture-gen TypeScript 0

neuron TypeScript 0


Base64.js * 0

Polyfill for browsers that don't provide window.btoa and window.atob

easorm 0

Database without pain.

auto-ad Python 0

pauo 0

TypeScript Runtime base on Golang without V8

wxminiapp2vue TypeScript 0

Parser wxml to angular template

go-web-utilities Go 0

Golang Web Utilities Leverage on Gin

weapp-webdemo * JavaScript 0

A Hack of Weapp Framework

ss-fly * 0


polygon-line-intersection 0


awesome-zhihu CoffeeScript 0

awesome zhihu

p3c * Kotlin 0

Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines pmd implements and IDE plugin

async-mqtt * JavaScript 0

Promise wrapper over MQTT.js

angular-cli * TypeScript 0

CLI tool for Angular

next.js * JavaScript 0

A minimalistic framework for universal server-rendered React applications

koa-starter-web 0

Quickly bootstrap a Koa application with minimal configuration

monothetic-next.js JavaScript 0

Refactoring next.js to a monothetic project with front-end and back-end integration.

blog-images HTML 0

Used to store images of my blog

TTRangeSlider * Objective-C 0

A slider, similar in style to UISlider, but which allows you to pick a minimum and maximum range.

Notes 0

Code Notes

cs162 Python 0

goweb Go 0

Web Application in Golang

gowork Go 0

go work

jsfp 0

Incredible blogs, books, comments and explanations about functional programming (in JavaScript)

flask * Python 0

A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions

sicp Racket 0


hosts-cli Shell 0

Command-Line Tool to Switch Hosts

vue-loader * JavaScript 0

Webpack loader for Vue.js components

cash-maker JavaScript 0

making or wasting money

compile JavaScript 0

Learning construction of compiler.

lual Lua 0

Take a Peek of Lua.

instance C++ 0


LA-boilerplate CoffeeScript 0

h2v JavaScript 0

Translate HTML string to simple-virtual-dom.

react-demo JavaScript 0

ReacJS Demo

feb-cli JavaScript 0

Command Line for Front-end Boilerplate

cobiajs JavaScript 0

A Web Loader

cpp-tutorials CSS 0

A Simple C++ Tutorials

coc JavaScript 0

Configuration of configurations

wesign JavaScript 0

WeChat JSAPI Helper Functions.

talke-to-me JavaScript 0

Wechat talk to me

gena-demo JavaScript 0

Generic Algorithm in JavaScript Demo

ajax-upload JavaScript 0

Automatically exported from

test-maker JavaScript 0

Test maker for wechat's moment

CppCoreGuidelines * 0

The C++ Core Guidelines are a set of tried-and-true guidelines, rules, and best practices about coding in C++

wet.js JavaScript 0

Simplest JavaScript MVVM for old system. * JavaScript 0

Sockets for the rest of us

game-mango CoffeeScript 0

vue * JavaScript 0

Intuitive, fast & composable MVVM for building interactive interfaces.

dinosaur-game JavaScript 0


jjs JavaScript 0

A super easy mobile game framework, seriously.

moments 0

An Application for Your Own Moments.

depot Ruby 0

Agile RoR Book example

grunt-contrib-copy * JavaScript 0

Copy files and folders.

minet-common Java 0

Shared Classes Between Minet and Mirot.

mirot Java 0

Server Side of Computer Networking Project

minet Java 0

Client Side of Computer Networking Project.

MINET-1 * Java 0

YaH3C-mini-osx * Python 0

YaH3C-mini for Mac OSX

Foundation-Learn 0

The learning process of Foundation framework and Objective-C

git-demo * 0

Demonstration of got workflow usage.

OC-learn Objective-C 0

Objective-C Learning Code.

blog-1 * JavaScript 0

PingHackers Blog

7commits-back CoffeeScript 0

Back End for 7 Commits Website.

AI Python 0

AI Homework

java-algorithms Java 0

Algorithms in Java implements.

dip Python 0

Digital Image Processing Homework

jiepan 0

This is a project, which will change the whole world.

canvas-test JavaScript 0


7commits JavaScript 0

7 Commits Lab Website.

phaser-learn CoffeeScript 0

Codes for learning phaser.

front-end-boilerplate CoffeeScript 0


cssanimation JavaScript 0

LA-lib CoffeeScript 0


LA-core JavaScript 0

wechat-picture-slide JavaScript 0


frontend-feeds * 0

An up to date list of RSS feeds for front-end developers.

py-algorithm Python 0

Describe algorithms in Python language

feifanote-server Python 0

Back-end of feifanote, which is an extremely pure online notebook.

pycrumbs * 0

Bits and bytes of Python from the Internet

fainote-front CoffeeScript 0

Extremely Pure Online Notebook for Everyone (Front-end).

WebFundamentals * CSS 0

A handbook for multi-device web best practices

canvas-demos 0

Canvas' Demos

stringify * JavaScript 0

Browserify plugin to require() text files (templates) inside of your client-side JavaScript files.

vote-system * CSS 0

MIAC vote system

shouge Python 0


shouge-client JavaScript 0


rivets * JavaScript 0

Lightweight and powerful data binding + templating solution

homework2013 * 0


pure-me 0

An entirely pure IM.

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JavaScript 190 99.83% 2121
TypeScript 762 96.26% 20
Go 3068 90.97% 4
Python 3587 96.00% 39
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