Xiang Gao

Munich, Germany

slambook C++ 3333

rgbd-slam-tutorial-gx C++ 408

code for the rgbd-slam tutorial written in cnblogs

slambook2 C++ 376

edition 2 of the slambook


ORBSLAM2_with_pointcloud_map C++ 280

slambook-en TeX 163

The English version of 14 lectures on visual SLAM.

ygz-stereo-inertial C++ 155

a stereo-inertial visual odometry

state-estimation-exercises TeX 88

The exercises in Barfoot's book: state estimation for robotics

octomap_tutor CMake 65

A tutorial about octomap. Please check my blog for detail: cnblogs.com/gaoxiang12

rgbd-slam-tutor2 C++ 60

The second version of RGBD SLAM tutorial. We will discuss more about pnp, tracking, multi-thread and loop closure methods. Please refer to my blog for details: www.cnblogs.com/gaoxiang12 .

g2o_ba_example CMake 59

An easy example of doing bundle adjustment within two images using g2o.

slam3d_gx C++ 56

A 3d SLAM program, using novel plane ICP

zed-slam C++ 19

This is a light weight slam desinged for the stereo sensor zed.

follower_TLD C++ 7

A follower robot program using OpenTLD tracking algorithm. Run in ROS.

ORB_SLAM2 * C++ 6

Real-Time SLAM for Monocular, Stereo and RGB-D Cameras, with Loop Detection and Relocalization Capabilities

lantern * Go 5

:zap: Open Internet for everyone. Lantern is a free desktop application that delivers fast, reliable and secure access to the open Internet for users in censored regions. It uses a variety of techniques to stay unblocked, including P2P and domain fronting. Lantern relies on users in uncensored regions acting as access points to the open Internet.

okvis * C++ 4

OKVIS: Open Keyframe-based Visual-Inertial SLAM.

ekfmonoslam * Matlab 4

SLAM using a monocular camera, optionally an IMU, and GPS

apollo * C++ 4

An open autonomous driving platform

CHINESE-OCR * Python 3

[python3.6] 运用tf实现自然场景文字检测,keras/pytorch实现ctpn+crnn+ctc实现不定长场景文字OCR识别

slam_gx C++ 3

my slam program, based on g2o, opencv and pcl. Trying to run it in Turtlebot.

SLIC-superpixel-with-OpenCV * C++ 3

Implementation of the SLIC superpixel algorithm to work with OpenCV2

ScaViSLAM * C++ 2

This is a general and scalable framework for visual SLAM. It employs "Double Window Optimization" (DWO).

cvpr16-deepbit * C++ 2

Learning Compact Binary Descriptors with Unsupervised Deep Neural Networks (CVPR16)

Pangolin * C++ 2

Pangolin is a lightweight portable rapid development library for managing OpenGL display / interaction and abstracting video input.

DBow3 * C++ 2

Improved version of DBow2

dso * C++ 2

Direct Sparse Odometry

VINS-Mobile * C++ 2

Monocular Visual-Inertial State Estimator on Mobile Phones

Spoon-Knife * 1

This repo is for demonstration purposes only.

study-gx 1

My study code will be put here.

g2o * C++ 1

g2o: A General Framework for Graph Optimization

research C++ 1

research code

TSDF-XXOO * Java 1


interact_segmentation 1

Test * 1


CarrotSLAM * 1

viso2 * C++ 1

A ROS wrapper for libviso2, a library for visual odometry

rpg_svo * C++ 1

Semi-direct Visual Odometry

typeset * TeX 1

fonts * Shell 1

Patched fonts for Powerline users.

caffe-posenet * C++ 0

Implementation of PoseNet

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Matlab 430 91.73% 4
Go 2272 93.28% 5
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