Richard Huang

Shanghai, China

bullet Ruby 6348

help to kill N+1 queries and unused eager loading

rails_best_practices Ruby 3953

a code metric tool for rails projects

switch_user Ruby 728

Easily switch current user

chinese_pinyin Ruby 420

translate chinese hanzi to pinyin

activemerchant_patch_for_china Ruby 309

A rails plugin to add an active_merchant patch for china online payment platform including alipay (支付宝), 99bill (快钱) and tenpay (财付通)

css_sprite Ruby 243

automatically css sprite

uniform_notifier Ruby 211

uniform notifier for rails logger, customized logger, javascript alert, javascript console, growl and xmpp

redis-sentinel Ruby 193

another redis automatic master/slave failover solution for ruby by using built-in redis sentinel (deprecated) HTML 190

seo_checker Ruby 118

check your website if it is seo.

eager_group Ruby 111

fix n+1 aggregate sql functions for rails

simple_cacheable Ruby 89

a simple cache implementation for rails

resque-restriction Ruby 84

resque-restriction is an extension to resque queue system that restricts the execution number of certain jobs in a period time.

code_analyzer Ruby 84

code analyzer tool which is extracted from rails_best_practices

chinese_regions Ruby 60

provides all chinese regions, cities and districts

rfetion Ruby 60

rfetion is a ruby gem for China Mobile fetion service that you can send SMS free.

mongoid-eager-loading Ruby 55

eager loading for mongoid (DEPRECATED) Ruby 51

online security check for rails projects

contactlist Java 45

java api to retrieve contact list of email(hotmail, gmail, yahoo, sohu, sina, 163, 126, tom, yeah, 189 and 139) and im(msn)

regexp_crawler Ruby 45

A crawler which uses regular expression to catch data from website.

chinese_permalink Ruby 41

This plugin adds a capability for AR model to create a seo permalink with your chinese text. It will translate your chinese text to english url based on google translate.

apis-bench Ruby 35

metric_fu * Ruby 33

A fist full of code metrics

sitemap Ruby 32

This plugin will generate a sitemap.xml from sitemap.rb whose format is very similar to routes.rb

twitter_connect Ruby 32

facebook connect style twitter oauth

taobao Ruby 28

Ruby Client Library for Taobao Open Platform JavaScript 25 HTML 24

my homepage

multiple_mailers Ruby 24

extend actionmailer to allow one smtp account per mailer class.

contactlist-client Ruby 20

The contactlist-client gem is a ruby client to contactlist service which retrieves contact list of email(hotmail, gmail, yahoo, sohu, sina, 163, 126, tom, yeah, 189 and 139) and im(msn)

donatecn Ruby 17

demo for activemerchant_patch_for_china

monitor JavaScript 17

Monitor gem can display ruby methods call stack on browser based on unroller

client_side_validations * Ruby 7

Rails Client Side Validations

authlogic_renren_connect Ruby 5

Extension of the Authlogic library to add Renren Connect support built upon the renren plugin

rails3-template Ruby 5

rails3 template includes a lot of useful plugins/gems

codelinestatistics Ruby 4

The code line statistics takes files and directories from GUI, counts the total files, total sizes of files, total lines, lines of codes, lines of comments and lines of blanks in the files, displays the results and can also export results to html file.

brakeman * Ruby 4

A static analysis security vulnerability scanner for Ruby on Rails applications

nodeslide JavaScript 4

node.js related slideshows [deprecated], move to

visual_partial Ruby 4

This plugin provides a way that you can see all the partial pages rendered. So it can prevent you from using partial page too much, which hurts the performance. Ruby 4

collect ruby rails related presentations [deprecated], moved to

enough_fields Ruby 2

only select specified fields used

dotfiles Vim script 2

cucumber-rails * Ruby 2

Rails Generators for Cucumber with localized steps for Capybara and Webrat

clock_chrome_extension 2

google chrome extension to display multiple clock analogs for multiple timezones

cache-money * Ruby 2

A Write-Through Cacheing Library for ActiveRecord

rack * Ruby 2

a modular Ruby webserver interface

showoff-understanding-mongoid Ruby 2

My understanding mongoid showoff presentation

jruby-memcached * Java 2

fastest jruby memcached client

my_jekyll_extensions * Ruby 2

Portable Jekyll extensions I use for my website (to be used with jekyll_ext)

jQuery-Tokenizing-Autocomplete-Plugin * JavaScript 2

This is a jQuery plugin to allow users to select multiple items from a predefined list, using autocompletion as they type to find each item.

eslint-plugin-react * JavaScript 1

React specific linting rules for ESLint

devise-i18n * Ruby 1

Translations for the devise gem

default_value_for * Ruby 1

Provides a way to specify default values for ActiveRecord models

contact_us * Ruby 1

Gem providing simple Contact Form functionality with a Rails 3+ Engine.

clevertap-ruby * 1

Ruby gem providing access to the CleverTap API

cancan * Ruby 1

Authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails.

bullet_test Ruby 1 HTML 1

authy-devise * Ruby 1

Authy Devise plugin to add Two-Factor Authentication

typus * Ruby 1

Ruby on Rails easy-to-use interface to allow trusted users edit structured content. (Admin scaffold generator)

webcamjs * ActionScript 1

HTML5 Webcam Image Capture Library with Flash Fallback

rspec-cells * Ruby 1

Spec your Cells.

github-services * Ruby 1

Official GitHub Services Integration - You can set these up in your repo admin screen under Service Hooks

play_skype JavaScript 1

jquery-validation * JavaScript 1

jQuery Validation Plugin

mongoid * Ruby 1

Ruby ODM framework for MongoDB

rails * Ruby 1

Ruby on Rails

try-ripper CSS 1

code mirror of

test_error Ruby 1

raise an error to test if exception_notification really works.

test_code_analyzer Ruby 1

test code for code_analyzer gem

skype_archive Ruby 1

company hackathon

octokit * Ruby 1

Simple Ruby wrapper for the GitHub v3 API

mongoid-paperclip * Ruby 1

Mongoid::Paperclip enables you to use Paperclip with the Mongoid ODM for MongoDB.

resque-multi-job-forks * Ruby 1

Have your resque workers process more that one job

exception_notification * Ruby 1

Exception Notifier Plugin for Rails and generate test codes to reproduce the exception

scout_apm_ruby * 0

ScoutAPM Ruby Agent. Supports Rails, Sinatra, Grape, Rack, and many other frameworks

paperclip * 0

Easy file attachment management for ActiveRecord

rubocop-rspec * Ruby 0

Code style checking for RSpec files

MaxMind-DB-Reader-ruby * 0

Ruby reader for the MaxMind DB Database Format

sequel * Ruby 0

Sequel: The Database Toolkit for Ruby

switch_user_example Ruby 0

jekyll-speakerdeck Ruby 0

Jekyll::Speakerdeck is jekyll plugin for Speakerdeck

gatling_gun * Ruby 0

A Ruby library wrapping SendGrid's Newsletter API.

grape * Ruby 0

An opinionated micro-framework for creating REST-like APIs in Ruby.

global_phone * Ruby 0

Parse, validate, and format phone numbers in Ruby using Google's libphonenumber database

superagent-q * JavaScript 0

A very thin wrapper layer between super-agent and Q to promisify superagent's callbacks

select2 * JavaScript 0

Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote data sets, and infinite scrolling of results.

node-twitter * JavaScript 0

A node.js module for interacting with the Twitter API.

oauth-ruby * Ruby 0

OAuth for Ruby * JavaScript 0

RubyConf Taiwan

rubyconfau-2014-cfp * 0

RubyConf Australia 2014 Call for Proposals

select2-rails * JavaScript 0

Integrate Select2 javascript library with Rails asset pipeline

QuickDialog * Objective-C 0

QuickDialog - Quick and easy dialog screens for iOS

puppet-nginx * Puppet 0

Puppet Module to manage NGINX on various UNIXes

goliath * Ruby 0

Goliath is a non-blocking Ruby web server framework

rails_admin-i18n * Ruby 0

Translations for the rails_admin gem

http-parser-lite * C 0

A Lite Ruby HTTP Parser based on Joyent http-parser * Java 0

java port of ry's http-parser

rabl * Ruby 0

General ruby templating with json, bson, xml, plist and msgpack support

newrelic-workling * Ruby 0

NewRelic instrument for workling

rack-mount * Ruby 0

Stackable dynamic tree based Rack router

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