Robert Gabriel Jakabosky

Guangzhou, China

lua-pb Lua 260

Lua Protocol Buffers

lua-zmq * C 144

Lua zeromq2 binding

lua-llthreads C 133

Low-Level threads(pthreads or WIN32 threads) for Lua.

lualogging Lua 128

LuaLogging provides a simple API to use logging features in Lua. Its design was based on log4j.

lua-handlers Lua 98

Provides a set of async. callback based handlers for working with raw TCP/UDP socket, ZeroMQ sockets, or HTTP client/server.

LuaNativeObjects Lua 71

A Lua bindings generator written in Lua.

llvm-lua C 67

Automatically exported from

nixio C 50

System, Networking and I/O library for Lua. This is an unoffical fork of NIXO from:

slua C 48

Static lua compiler - Compile Lua code into C code.

mmap_lowmem C 33

mmap() wrapper to expand MAP_32BIT to use all of the low 4Gbytes of address space.

lua-nanomsg Lua 29

Lua bindings to NanoMsg

lua-epoll C 18

Lightweight wrapper for epoll.

lua-clang-cindex Lua 14

FFI bindings to libclang's CIndex interface.

websocket-client-go Go 12

Reconnecting Websocket Client Golang Library

lua-llnet C 12

A low-level network IO library.

luagit2 Lua 10

LuaGit2 has move to a new home at

lua-buf C 9

Mutable buffer object for Lua.

lua-http-tokenizer C 8

A HTTP protocol tokenizer

luaxcb C 5

Lua bindings for XCB

lua-http-parser * Lua 5

Lua binding to Ryan Dahl's "http-parser".

luafcgid * C 5

A daemon that extends any FastCGI capable web server with statefull Lua scripts

lludp_dissector Lua 4

Wireshark dissector for the LLUDP protocol

lua-ev * C 3

Lua integration with libev.

lua-nginx-module * Perl 3

Embed the Power of Lua into NginX

serialization-benchmarks C 3

Benchmark comparison of C/C++ serialization systems.

lua-http-message Lua 2

Fast HTTP message parser for Lua.

zguide * C 2

Learning and Using ØMQ

mongrel2_stream_prototype Lua 2

Prototype a stream interface between mongrel2 and backend handlers.

libgit2-backends * C 2

Standalone ODB backends for the libgit2 library

luatrace * Lua 2

A tool for tracing Lua script execution and analysing time profiles and coverage

actix-web * Rust 1

Actix web is a small, pragmatic, and extremely fast rust web framework.

cr-rs Rust 1

Rust safe wrapper for cr.h: A Simple C Hot Reload Header-only Library

pusher-client-go Go 1

Pusher Client Go Library

faxpp C 1

Fast XML Pull Parser

lua-net-bench Lua 1

Network service benchmark/stress-testing suite written in Lua.

pluto * C 1

Heavy Duty Persistence for Lua

LAPHLibs * Lua 1

Lua Application Programming Helper Libraries

stud * C 1

The Scalable TLS Unwrapping Daemon

simplecert * Go 0

golang autocert library for letsencrypt

go-imap * Go 0

:inbox_tray: An IMAP library for clients and servers

libzmq * C++ 0

ZeroMQ core engine in C++, implements ZMTP/3.1

cr * C++ 0

cr.h: A Simple C Hot Reload Header-only Library

n_closure C++ 0

header-only C Closure library

cr-sys Rust 0

Rust raw bindings for cr.h: A Simple C Hot Reload Header-only Library

dynamic_reload * Rust 0

Dynamic reloading of shared libraries

live-reloading-rs * Rust 0

Live reloading for Rust programming

neural-rs * Jupyter Notebook 0

Spiking neural network library for Rust

xorm * Go 0

Simple and Powerful ORM for Go, support mysql,postgres,tidb,sqlite3,mssql,oracle

parity-extras * Java 0

Applications for Parity Trading System

core * Go 0

Lightweight & Compitable wrapper of database/sql

parity-ticker * Scala 0

Parity Stock Ticker web application

sqlboiler * Go 0

Generate a Go ORM tailored to your database schema.

dbweb * JavaScript 0

A web based database admin tool written by Golang support mysql/postgres/sqlite

authz * Go 0

gin-authz is an authorization middleware for Gin

Bootstrap-Form-Builder * JavaScript 0

Web app for drag drop building bootstrap forms.

laravel-auditing * PHP 0

Record the change log from models in Laravel 5.*

protobuf * Go 0

Go support for Google's protocol buffers

laravel-generator * PHP 0

alpaca * JavaScript 0

Alpaca provides the easiest way to generate interactive HTML5 forms for web and mobile applications. It uses JSON Schema and simple Handlebars templates to generate great looking, dynamic user interfaces on top of Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile and HTML5.

sails-backbone * JavaScript 0

Generate client-side Backbone.js Models and Collections from a Sails.js API

drywall * JavaScript 0

A website and user system (Express/Backbone)

nanomsg * C 0

nanomsg library

lua-nfnetlink * C 0

Lua bindings for libnfnetlink

lua-netfilter_queue * C 0

Lua bindings for libnetfilter_queue

lua-netfilter_log * C 0

Lua bindings for libnetfilter_log

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