shenzhen, China

ip2region C# 9601

Ip2region is a offline IP location library with accuracy rate of 99.9% and 0.0x millseconds searching performance. DB file is ONLY a few megabytes with all IP address stored. binding for Java,PHP,C,Python,Nodejs,Golang,C#,lua. Binary,B-tree,Memory searching algorithm

jcseg Java 773

Jcseg is a light weight NLP framework developed with Java. Provide CJK and English segmentation based on MMSEG algorithm, With also keywords extraction, key sentence extraction, summary extraction implemented based on TEXTRANK algorithm. Jcseg had a build-in http server and search modules for the latest lucene,solr,elasticsearch

friso C 336

High performance Chinese tokenizer with both GBK and UTF-8 charset support based on MMSEG algorithm developed by ANSI C. Completely based on modular implementation and can be easily embedded in other programs, like: MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, etc.

freeswitch-asr C 31

TTS and ASR module with auto Voice Active Detecting supported for Freeswitch. I build it for Nature sound interactive, With the embedded LUA engine we could easly build a Freeswtich application like this.

celib C 23

C extend library - common data structs and algorithms implementation with ANSI C

tankwar Java 5

An AI tankwar game developed by java

syrian PHP 4

Tiny, Hight performance PHP web framework with ONLY 26KiB of kernel code, 6 years of continuous R & D with database and table auto partition supported and has supported web architecture with over 100 million HTTP requests.

dclock Java 1

A Desktop alarm clock developed by Java

pview Java 1

An image viewer Deleveped by Java

lotus * Go 0

Implementation of the Filecoin protocol, written in Go

ltpro C 0

A Linux progress bar

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
C# 1 100.00% 9601
C 204 99.62% 390
Java 742 99.18% 780
PHP 2878 88.49% 4
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