Tyler Long

Belmont, CA, United States

slim_text CoffeeScript 194

Slim Text Editor

yarn-upgrade-all JavaScript 49

This is a command line utility program to upgrade all the packages in your `package.json` to the latest version (potentially upgrading packages across major versions).

quick_orm Python 41

Python ORM framework which enables you to get started in less than a minute!

slimtext.org CSS 32

Slim Text is a slim text editor which runs inside Chrome

hello-async JavaScript 31

All kinds of ways to implement async with React & Redux. Keywords: redux-thunk redux-saga

everblog Python 22

Everblog, write blog entries in your Evernote.

youdao_blog Ruby 16


asciimath-to-latex JavaScript 12

AsciiMath to LaTex converter

subx JavaScript 11

SubX: Subject X, next generation state container

NeoEditor JavaScript 10

An extensible text editor for the 21st Century following Github Atom's example

hubot-glip JavaScript 7

Hubot adapter to use with Glip

ringcentral-js-concise JavaScript 7

Concise JavaScript SDK for RingCentral.

kickstart JavaScript 7

Kick start a project by generating code according to boilerplate.

eversite Ruby 7

build and maintain your website right inside your evernote.

glip-hubot-x CoffeeScript 6

X (厦) is a Glip bot for RingCentral Xiamen

glip-plus-dist JavaScript 6

This is for the distribution of Glip Plus

party-lottery JavaScript 5

Choose lucky ones randomly to receive gifts during a party.

wgc-desktop JavaScript 5

WeGlipChat Desktop apps for macOS, Windows & Linux

glip-announcement-chatbot JavaScript 4

react-subx JavaScript 4

Official React bindings for SubX

rc-codegen TypeScript 4

sample-code-generator JavaScript 4

sample_resumes 4

WeGlipChat Vue 4

A Glip Client inspired by WeChat.

markdown-it-toc JavaScript 4

jxbrowser-webrtc Java 4

Try WebRTC in JxBrowser

glip-client JavaScript 4

A simple Glip client implementation

kickstart-serverless-lambda-node JavaScript 4

A kickstart project for Node.js projects which are deployed to AWS Lambda using serverless framework.

rc-commander JavaScript 4

RingCentral in your terminal

ringcentral-call-supervise-demo JavaScript 3

node-webrtc-audio-source JavaScript 3

node-webrtc-media-devices JavaScript 3

oxford-learners-dictionaries JavaScript 3

Oxford Learners Dictionaries

glip-ping-chatbot 3

Glip Ping Chatbot

embed-web-app-into-salesforce JavaScript 3

Embed web app into SalesForce

ringcentral-webrtc JavaScript 3

RingCentral WebRTC

ringcentral-kotlin Java 3

RingCentral Java SDK rewritten in Kotlin

glip-crontab-chatbot JavaScript 3

Glip Crontab Chatbot

ringcentral-java Java 3

RingCentral Java SDK

katex-build HTML 3

`bower install katex-build` to use KaTex, the fastest math typesetting library for the web.

glip-hubot-t JavaScript 3

A simple sample chatbot for Glip.

ringcentral-python Python 3

RingCentral Python Client library

subx-demo-todomvc JavaScript 3

React & SubX TodoMVC Example

SwiftyRegex Swift 3

Regular Expression for Swift programming language.

ringcentral-wsg-js JavaScript 3

RingCentral WSG JavaScript SDK

swagger-app JavaScript 3

An app to create swagger spec.

rc-api-explorer JavaScript 3

RingCentral API Explorer

ringcentral-swift-client-back Swift 3

Backup for https://github.com/ringcentral/ringcentral-swift

ringcentral-csharp-tutorials C# 3

Tutorials for RingCentral C# SDK

toolkit_library Python 3

Tookit Library is a collection of python modules for general purpose usage.

everblog_ruby Ruby 3

This is the ruby version of everblog

kickstart-electron JavaScript 2

A kickstart project for Electron

isomorphic-webrtc JavaScript 2

Isomorphic WebRTC

isomorphic-websocket JavaScript 2

glip.socket.io JavaScript 2

Socket.io client for Glip.

windows-form-ringcentral-oauth-demo C# 2

Windows Form RingCentral OAuth Demo

readme-io-sample-code-uploader JavaScript 2

Upload sample code to readme.io

dmv-appointment-checker JavaScript 2

Check dmv appointment availability dates

AmazonLexGenerator C# 2

font-awesome-min 2

Font Awesome Minimal.

interesting-algorithms JavaScript 2

glip-github-chatbot JavaScript 2

Glip GitHub Chatbot. For tutorial purpose. Show you how to integrate Glip chatbot with a third party service.

glip-google-drive-chatbot JavaScript 2

Glip Google Drive Chatbot

glip-survey-bot JavaScript 2

A survey bot for Glip which reads survey questions from configuration file.

rc-ai-bot * JavaScript 2

poc of ringcentral ai bot

voicebase-demo-voicebot TypeScript 2

ringcentral-token-generator JavaScript 2

RingCentral token generator

ringcentral-js-concise-demo JavaScript 2

Demo RingCentral project to show how to setup Babel and write code with latest ES6 syntax.

glip-note HTML 2

Production website for GlipNote

rc-wsg-demo JavaScript 2

RingCentral WSG Demo

permalink * JavaScript 2

URL proxy for RC platform media file

kickstart-node-glip-bot JavaScript 2

A kickstart project for Node.js Glip bot

SwiftHTTPServer Swift 2

A tiny http server engine written in Swift programming language.

swagger-data-entry-app JavaScript 2

Swagger Data Entry App.

TryRC_iOS C# 2

Try RingCentral C# SDK with an iOS app

TryRC_Mac C# 2

Try RingCentral C# SDK with a Mac app

ringcentral-cs-client C# 2

RingCentral C# Client

ringcentral-csharp-docs 2

RingCentral SDK for C# Documentation

TryRC C# 2

Try RingCentral

glip-hubot-u JavaScript 2

Ultimate / Universal bot for Glip based on Hubot

swagger-modeller Ruby 2

bookeet PHP 2

Platform for creating ebooks, written when I was learning PHP and Symfony framework in 2010.

node-webrtc-audio-stream-source JavaScript 1

ringcentral-ruby-send-mms-service Ruby 1

rc-ivr-scripting-demo 1

glip-forward-chatbot JavaScript 1

jssip-demo JavaScript 1

Dimelo-iOS-SampleApp * Objective-C 1

Source of the iOS demo App using Dimelo Mobile Chat SDK

after-business-hour-voicemail-demo Python 1

GrandTravel-iOS Swift 1

Grand Travel demo project for iOS, powered by Dimelo.

glip-archiver JavaScript 1

lambda-database-demo JavaScript 1

AWS Lambda access database demo

rringcentral-ruby-webhook-demo Ruby 1

ringcentral-java-authorization-demo Java 1

ringcentral-java-webhook-demo Java 1

ringcentral-pubnub-demo Java 1

ringcentral-webhook-consumer JavaScript 1

Out-of-box consumer for RingCentral WebHook, mainly for testing and troubleshooting purpose.

ringcentral-php-webhook-demo PHP 1

mermaid-min CSS 1

knsv/mermaid minimized files

abcmouse-contest HTML 1

Materials for ABCMouse Contest

webpack-env-demo JavaScript 1

search-emails JavaScript 1

ringcentral-csharp-oauth-demo C# 1

ffmpeg-wizard JavaScript 1

FFmpeg Wizard

rc-sms-order-checking-bot JavaScript 1

A demo bot to show you how to check order via RingCentral SMS API

multipart-mixed-parser JavaScript 1

Multipart/mixed parser

ringcentral-scim-api-test JavaScript 1

dotenv-override-true * JavaScript 1

It's dotenv, but by default overrides system environment variables.

ringcentral-dotnet C# 1

RingCentral .NET SDK

ringcentral-chatbot-skill-google-drive JavaScript 1

RingCentral Chatbot skill: Google Drive

ringcentral-chatbot-skills-demo JavaScript 1

RingCentral Chatbot skills demo

ringcentral-chatbot-skill-ping JavaScript 1

RingCentral Chatbot skill: ping

read-and-read HTML 1

Read & Read

RingCentralPasswordFlow C# 1

RingCentral Password Flow

badge-icon JavaScript 1

Create badge icon image

bot_creation_delay JavaScript 1

Glip bot creation delay issue

DLLImport C# 1

Import unmanaged DLLs: User32.dll

rc-bot-framework JavaScript 1

RingCentral Chatbot Framework

choose-a-state-container JavaScript 1

This project helps you to choose a state container among SubX, Redux & MobX

node-uuid * JavaScript 1

Provide UMD package of kelektiv/node-uuid

subx-demo-markdown-editor JavaScript 1

Markdown Editor powered by SubX and React

wgc HTML 1

Production website for WeGlipChat

GlipNote JavaScript 1

Note taking app like Evernote and OneNote.

wgc-mobile CSS 1

WeGlipChat mobile apps for iOS & Android

glip-inside-salesforce JavaScript 1

Glip inside SalesForce

ringcentral-implicit-grant-demo HTML 1

RingCentral Implicit Grant Type Flow Demo

glip-zendesk-bot JavaScript 1

open-cti-demo-adapter * JavaScript 1

viewsaurus * JavaScript 1

Viewsaurus tool used by Twillio for tutorials.

magic-math JavaScript 1

A math app to do something hard to do in Excel. Created for a friend.

ariel JavaScript 1

Create diagrams from text in a similar manner as markdown

zendesk-to-ms-qna JavaScript 1

From Zendesk to Microsoft QnA Maker

aws-lambda-glip-bot JavaScript 1

A demo Glip bot which will be deployed to AWS Lambda

my-awesome-bot JavaScript 1

Yet another sample Glip bot

glip-ping-bot JavaScript 1

Very simple Glip bot that replies "pong" if you send it "ping"

awesome-kickstart 1

A collection of kickstart projects.

s3-files-grouping JavaScript 1

Group S3 files according to file extension

transform-for-alexa JavaScript 1

Transform audio files so they could be feed into Amazon Alexa.

glip-rc-dev-support-bot JavaScript 1

A developer support chatbot for RingCentral running inside Glip.

kickstart-node JavaScript 1

A kickstart project for Node.js

ringcentral-ruby-legacy Ruby 1

A sample RingCentral SDK in Ruby.

quick-glip JavaScript 1

A quick Glip implementation with React and mobx-state-tree.

OpenAPI-Editor JavaScript 1

A desktop editor for OpenAPI 3.0 documents.

review-bot JavaScript 1

Glip bot to monitor app reviews.

glip-socket-io-demo JavaScript 1

react-antd-ts-test JavaScript 1

swagger-app-backup JavaScript 1

apteligent-demo HTML 1

Apteligent demo to produce some webhook calls.

post-forward Ruby 1

Forward post request to another address

github-css CSS 1

GitHub CSS

ffmpeg-static * Shell 1

One command to build FFmpeg single binary on OS X

glip-hubot-demo CoffeeScript 1

rc-swagger-codegen C# 1

j2m JavaScript 1

Generate models according to json data.

useful_apple_scripts AppleScript 1

Useful AppleScripts

ringcentral-csharp * C# 1

RingCentral Connect Platform C# SDK

font-awesome-cocoa Swift 1

Font Awesome icons for Cocoa

ace-min-noconflict JavaScript 1

ACE editor minimized noconflict built files.

follow_example Ruby 1

example of user following user, article, event...etc

dragon_language 1

Dragon Language is the hundred-year language. Inspired by http://www.paulgraham.com/hundred.html

rails_setup Ruby 1

This is a template project for new rails projects

data_lint Ruby 1

online YAML validator

pywebtutorial 1

Python Web Tutorial

rezip 1

Use different programming languages to accomplish the same task: rezip.

quick_framework Python 1

Quick Framework is a Python web framework which enables you to develop a website in minutes.

programming_challenges Ruby 1

followable Ruby 1

Make an ActiveRecord model followable

sublime_text_config 1

configuration folder for Sublime Text

sample_app Ruby 1

Ruby on Rails sample application

miniWebRTC * 0

smallest webRTC engine

CsharpTestApp C# 0

Glipped * JavaScript 0

Invite Users to a Public Glip Group. Express app using Swig to invite users to Glip Group

ringcentral-js * TypeScript 0

RingCentral Connect Platform JS SDK

tylerlong.github.io HTML 0

nomadic-e911-demo 0

state-management-battle JavaScript 0

battle about redux and MST based on react

rc-assistant-app JavaScript 0

ringcentral-api-docs * HTML 0

Official RingCentral Connect Platform Developer Guide

ringcentral-csharp-webhook-demo C# 0

node-ahaio-oauth * JavaScript 0

A node module to assist in Aha.io OAuth2 client implementation.

ringcentral-php * PHP 0

RingCentral Connect Platform PHP SDK

msteams-samples-hello-world-nodejs * JavaScript 0

Microsoft Teams hello world sample app in Node.js

electron-react-boilerplate * JavaScript 0

Live editing development on desktop app

rails-style-guide * 0

A community-driven Rails 3 style guide

GlipBot2 * JavaScript 0

Bot 2 with the updated oauth functionality

framework7-vue * Vue 0

Build full featured iOS & Android apps using Framework7 & Vue

framework7 * CSS 0

Full featured HTML framework for building iOS & Android apps

dvd2mp4 0

A GUI tool to convert DVD to MP4

vue-rxjs-demo Vue 0

Vue.js RxJS demo

ruby-style-guide * Ruby 0

A community-driven Ruby coding style guide

rc-embeddable-voice-android-demo Java 0

RingCentral Embeddable voice Android demo

glip-bot-bootstrap * HTML 0

Easily create private Glip bots for your team. https://grokify.github.io/glip-bot-bootstrap/

king-tut * JavaScript 0

A tutorial about how you can build code-based tutorials about programming with the RingCentral Connect Platform and contributing your knowledge into the RingCentral Tutorial Library

ringcentral-faq * 0

RingCentral Developer FAQ. Ask questions here or on our Community: https://devcommunity.ringcentral.com

graphlib * JavaScript 0

A directed multi-graph library for JavaScript

dagre * JavaScript 0

Directed graph layout for JavaScript

rc_temp C# 0

temp repo for RC

aws-sdk-demo JavaScript 0

ngrok * JavaScript 0

Expose your localhost to the web. Node wrapper for ngrok.

SimpleGlip * JavaScript 0

A simple Glip client with RESTful API

ringcentral-js-widgets * JavaScript 0

RingCentral Integration Widget Library

pgweb * Go 0

Cross-platform client for PostgreSQL databases

travis-node-test JavaScript 0

jsdom-demo JavaScript 0

react-router-demo JavaScript 0

repository-permissions-updater * Groovy 0

Artifactory permissions synchronization tool and data set

ringcentral-js-integration-commons * JavaScript 0

RingCentral Integration Common Javascript Core Library

CodeMirror * JavaScript 0

In-browser code editor

codemirror-rails * Ruby 0

Use CodeMirror with Rails

SimpleCommander * Swift 0

A simple file manager for Mac OSX.

google-api-node-demo JavaScript 0

google-api-python-demo Python 0

go-squared-demo HTML 0

chrome-headless-demo JavaScript 0

karma-demo JavaScript 0

appsignal-demo Ruby 0

heroku-demo Ruby 0

raygun-demo HTML 0

eslint-plugin-underscore_case JavaScript 0

ESLint plugin to enforce "underscore_case" (different from snake_case).

atlassian-addon-demo JavaScript 0

A demo add-on for Atlassian Confluence

commonchat * Go 0

CommonChat is an idealized message format with conversion to chat systems including Glip and Slack.

travis-webhook-demo JavaScript 0

This is a demo project to trigger Travis WebHook notifications.

new-relic-demo JavaScript 0

Demo to trigger New Relic notifications

swagger-modeller-docker PLSQL 0

Swagger Modeller Dockerfile

youdao-note-linux 0

Youdao Note app for linux.

tech-sharing-redux-async JavaScript 0

electron-react-sass * JavaScript 0

Electron + React + Sass skeleton project (step-by-step in commit log)

ringcentral-swift-client * Swift 0

markdown-it-toc-and-anchor * JavaScript 0

markdown-it plugin to add a toc and anchor links in headings

remote-vscode * TypeScript 0

A package that implements the Textmate's 'rmate' feature for Visual Studio Code.

mermaid-node JavaScript 0

Try to run mermaid from server side

packer CSS 0

sharing-demo JavaScript 0

RegexKit 0

Modern Regex for Swift 3

react-test JavaScript 0

glip-hubot-hipchat CoffeeScript 0

assets 0

glipbot * JavaScript 0

Easy to use bot for Glip

EVReflection * Swift 0

Reflection based JSON encoding and decoding. Including support for NSDictionary, NSCoding, Printable, Hashable and Equatable

ringcentral-demos-oauth * HTML 0

Quick demos on how to use 3-legged OAuth with RingCentral REST API.

electron-quick-start * JavaScript 0

Clone to try a simple Electron app

RC C# 0

RingCentral C# 0


monaco-test JavaScript 0

ringcentral-demos-fax-cover-page * C# 0

Create custom fax cover pages with the RingCentral fax API

swagger-codegen C# 0

ConsoleTest C# 0

rc-swagger-sepc 0

RC.Xamarin.iOS.Subscription.Demo C# 0

swagger-modeler-csharp C# 0

RingCentralSwaggerModels C# 0

This is just for testing purpose.

ringcentral-csharp-codegen 0

ringcentral-swagger-spec 0

ringcentral-swagger-csharp-models C# 0

ringcentral-tutorial-csharp-win C# 0

TryRC_Android C# 0

Try RingCentral C# SDK with an Android app

swifter * Swift 0

Tiny http server engine written in Swift programming language.

sqlite-sandbox Swift 0

Demo app to show how SQLite.swift works in sandbox

dktn-sublime-theme * JavaScript 0

Sublime theme by Dktn

Perfect * Swift 0

Server-side Swift. The Perfect library, application server, connectors and example apps. (For mobile back-end development, website and web app development, and more...)

officegen * JavaScript 0

Node.js module: standalone Office Open XML files (Microsoft Office 2007 and later) generator for Word (docx), PowerPoint (pptx) and Excell (xlsx). The output is a stream.

github-markdown-css * HTML 0

The minimal amount of CSS to replicate the GitHub Markdown style

github-markdown-css-demo 0

generate-github-markdown-css * JavaScript 0

Generate the CSS for github-markdown-css

SwiftTabDocument * Objective-C 0

LiteTabBarView Objective-C 0

jsdelivr * 0

A free Open Source CDN for webmasters and developers

Fuzi * Swift 0

A fast & lightweight XML & HTML parser in Swift that makes your life easier

SwiftyJSON * Swift 0

The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift

jquery-ui-layout-min CSS 0

jQuery UI Layout minimized built files.

bottlenose * Python 0

A stable, up-to-date Python wrapper for the Amazon Product Advertising API.

emojione * HTML 0

Emoji One is a carefully engineered first-of-its-kind set of emoji designed specifically for the web. For the first time ever, web-sites worldwide can translate emoji code from mobile devices and legally display the corresponding emoji icon for their users. Of course… it's 100% free!

working * JavaScript 0

unpack_pkg Shell 0

How to unpack an Mac .pkg file

apply-template-to-all-images * Python 0

Python script to massively apply template files to font awesome PNGs

oracle_quiz Ruby 0

jquery1-dist 0

wkhtmltopdf-win 0

wkhtmltopdf binary file for Windows

mousetrap-min 0

Minimal files of mousetrap.js

RSAESCryptor * Objective-C 0

RSA + AES Cryptor

remodal-min CSS 0

VodkaBears/Remodal minimized

share-button * JavaScript 0

fast, beautiful, and painless social shares:

jquery.cookie-min JavaScript 0

jquery.cookie minimized

google-code-prettify JavaScript 0

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/google-code-prettify

github-css-test 0

temp demo project to test GitHub's css

ude C# 0

Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/ude

underscore-min 0


marked-min 0


jquery-ui-min 0


jquery-dist 0


prettify-min 0

Minimal files of tcollard/google-code-prettify

ionicons-min 0

Ionicons minimal

emoji-icons 0

emoji icons from emoji-cheat-sheet.com

cm-search-demo HTML 0

A demo to show coderaiser/cm-searchbox

marked-demo JavaScript 0

Demo for marked markdown parser

tolk * Ruby 0

Tolk is a web interface for doing i18n translations packaged as an engine for Rails 3.2 applications

musicbrainz-server * Perl 0

The official musicbrainz-server codebase

dotnetssdb * C# 0

SSDB .Net client

google * Python 0

Google search from Python.

idiomatic.js * JavaScript 0

Principles of Writing Consistent, Idiomatic JavaScript

color_magic JavaScript 0

A chrome extension for changing the background and foreground colors of web pages

blog JavaScript 0

Tyler Long's Blog

editor_in_chrome 0

This project is deprecated. Please use http://slimtext.org instead.

cvanalyze_heroku_addon_doc 0

ruby-interview-questions * 0

A list of questions about Ruby programming you can use to quiz yourself.

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