Weiping Huang

Guangzhou, China

BoomMenu Java 3567

A menu which can ... BOOM! - Android

WoWoViewPager Java 1917

Combine ViewPager and Animations to provide a simple way to create applications' guide pages.

CoCoin Java 1357

CoCoin, Multi-view Accounting Application

BlurLockView Java 846

Lock view with blur effect. Easy to customise.

Gitee JavaScript 739

Gitee, OS X status bar application for Github

JellyToggleButton Java 701

Cute and colorful toggle button with 18 jelly types and 30 ease types.

GithubWidget Java 634

Contributions, stars, followers, trending etc. on Github.

LeeCo Java 453

LeeCo is an awesome app for (including unlock) problems, solutions, discuss(from leetcode) and comments.

FaceOffToggleButton Java 344

Toggle button which shows a happy face for checked or unhappy for unchecked.

VHBoomMenuButton Objective-C 312

A menu which can ... BOOM! - iOS

awesome-android-ui * 7

A curated list of awesome Android UI/UX libraries

WeGo Java 7

Now we go!

Sicily C++ 5

Sicily, where AC happens.

LeetCode C++ 4

Problems and solutions in LeetCode.

Notes GCC Machine Description 4

Someone has to win. Why not be me?

TimeFleeting Java 4

An app which record your past and remind you of future.

share * 3

Android 开源交流 QQ 群分享汇总, 微信公众号:codekk, 网站:

SimpleWaveProgressMusicPlayer Java 3

A simple music player. Use the wave view to act like a progress to control the current position of the music.

OldLeetCode Java 3

Solutions for LeetCode.

What-I-ve-Done 3

Record what I've done.

awesome-ios * Swift 2

A curated list of awesome iOS ecosystem, including Objective-C and Swift Projects

SecretPreferences Java 2

This is a powerful SharedPreferences which can encrypt the values in .xml files and decrypt them to original data.

WaveView * Java 2

A wave view of android,can be used as progress bar.

coolweather Java 2

An example on an android-developing book.

BoomMenuButton-Images 1

Provides images or other resource for BMB. Decrease size of code-repositories.

Safe_SharedPreferences_AutoCompleteTextView_File_R_W Java 1

Android SharedPreferences安全存储/AutoCompleteTextView使用/文件读写

LeetCode-1 * Java 1

:v: My leetcode solutions in Java

ActivityAndFragmentInterface Java 1

An example code of my blog talking about the activity and fragment interface.

Nightonke.github.io CSS 0

What I'm doing when I'm alive.

VHWaveView Objective-C 0

awesome-ios-ui * 0

A curated list of awesome iOS UI/UX libraries

PodExample Objective-C 0

VHBoomMenu Objective-C 0

trianglify * JavaScript 0

Algorithmically generated triangle art

Agenda 0

Agenda ... How time flies.

open-source-android-apps * 0

Open-Source Android Apps

dynamic_static_broadcast Java 0

This simple project shows how to use widget, dynamic and static broadcast in android.

N-Puzzle Java 0

N-puzzle test

N-Queen Java 0

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
Java 7 99.98% 9845
GCC Machine Description 29 97.23% 4
JavaScript 189 99.67% 739
Objective-C 282 98.33% 312
C++ 1127 95.82% 9
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