Xi'an Jiaotong University
Shenzhen, China

down_52pojie_cn PHP 1957

A single page file explorer that can be hosted on static website. 吾爱破解论坛 爱盘 页面的源代码

phaser-catch-the-cat TypeScript 343

An HTML5 game 'Catch The Cat' powered by Phaser 3

php-enphp-decoder PHP 87

EnPHP Decoder written in PHP

php-mfenc-decompiler PHP 68

PHP mfenc Decompiler

lua-simple-encrypt HTML 41

Lua simple XOR encrypt

ckfinder_keygen JavaScript 26

CKFinder 3 Licenser

discuz-user-fingerprint PHP 11

Help admin find who has multiple account. If different user have same fingerprint, they might be owned by the same person.

lua-string-decode Lua 7

Decode lua byte string into utf-8 encoding string

genshin-impact-ahk AutoHotkey 6

原神.ahk 辅助按键脚本

go-game-matching Go 6

A game matching server written in golang. Matching players with score close to each other into one group.

ip-xjtu 5


can-you-hack-it JavaScript 5

Automatic scripts for the hacking challenge on

go-bilibili-api Go 5

Bilibili API implement in golang.


A php-based SmartQQ class

bash-lets-encrypt Shell 4

Let's Encrypt自动签发SSL证书脚本

pixi-maze-game TypeScript 3

A maze game. Use the accelerometer on your smart phone to control a ball from top-left move to the bottom-right.

go-dir-bsdiff Go 3


netease-music-cache-decoder Go 3

Netease Cloud Music Cache Decoder. XOR each byte with `0xa3`.

tieba-emotion JavaScript 3


php-xx-vm-disassembler PHP 3

go-kahla-notify Go 3

A cli program that keep listening Kahla's server and notify you by windows 10 toast once message received.

multi_login_detect PHP 2

DiscuzX 重复登录检测

php-real-name-sdk PHP 2

网络游戏防沉迷实名认证系统 SDK (Unofficial)

django-xjtu-teaching-evaluation Python 2

西交云评教 - Django & Celery 开发的自动评教网站

simple-http-mitm-proxy JavaScript 2

Simple programmable http man in the middle proxy server

js-bilibili-live-websocket-demo JavaScript 2

A simple demo of bilibili live websocket

php-xjtu-user-info PHP 2

A simple class used to get user info from xjtu user center

FaceRecognizer * Java 1

Simple Android application for recognizing humans' faces. Application is developed as student project on Silesian University of Technology for Computer Vision and Image Recognizing subject. HTML 1

Ganlv's Blog. Source code at

faker-chinese-lorem PHP 1

Faker Chinese Lorem let you generate Lorem in Chinese.

imd-viewer JavaScript 1

WordPress插件:imd谱面预览器 (此代码可以独立于WordPress单独使用)

kcaptcha PHP 1

KCAPTCHA for composer

go-bilibili-helper Go 1

php-buffer-pipeline PHP 1

Chunk manipulating data.

mysql-mongodb-simple-kv-pair-benchmark PHP 1

MySQL vs MongoDB simple k-v pair benchmark

blog HTML 1

Ganlv's blog source code. Powered by Hexo. Build by Travis CI. Hosted on GitHub Pages.

php-xjtu-api PHP 1

API for Xi'an Jiao Tong University's commonly used online service by simulating operation.

go-rest-client Go 1

Define RESTful API by protobuf. Auto generate go client code.

Danmaku-js JavaScript 1


python-wsgi-example Python 1

A Simple WSGI Application (This project can be hosted on Blue King Platform)

DoNothing C 1

An WIN32EXE that closes it self at once.

52pojie-chrome-extentsion JavaScript 1

screencast-key AutoHotkey 1

Displays the keys that you typed on the screen

think-kcaptcha PHP 1

thinkphp5 KCAPTCHA验证码类库

genshin-auto-fish Rust 0


rust-simple-udp-logger Rust 0

Rust simple udp logger using std::fs and std::net. Only for testing single thread sync IO performance.

docs * 0

The open-source repo for

roadrunner-http * PHP 0

PSR7 Worker Client for RoadRunner 2.0 application server.

NoCol-js HTML 0

Inspired by

go-proxy-server Go 0

Simple golang forward proxy server powered by

gin * Go 0

Gin is a HTTP web framework written in Go (Golang). It features a Martini-like API with much better performance -- up to 40 times faster. If you need smashing performance, get yourself some Gin.

go-simple-http-proxy Go 0

Simple Reverse Proxy Written with Builtin Golang Package

go-simple-udp-logger 0

A Simple UDP Logger Written in Golang

fast-scroll AutoHotkey 0

Scroll the wheel. And ten times faster than before.

php-id-card-number-validator PHP 0

PHP 身份证号码校验

eeyes-common PHP 0


php-simple-cas-proxy PHP 0

A very simple CAS proxy.

redis-backup-tool PHP 0

Backup Redis strings and hashes to MySQL database

vue-split-pane * JavaScript 0

Split-Pane component built with vue2.0, can be split vertically or horizontally.

go-kahla-api Go 0

Kahla API Client written in Go

canvas-draw-beautiful-pattern HTML 0

blueking-django-startup-project Python 0

A Django Startup Project For Tencent Blueking

go-kahla-notify-server Go 0

cheat-engine-data-protection-test C 0

A Cheat Engine Data Protection Test Program. 面向 Cheat Engine 的 CrackMe 简单的数据保护

canvas-fingerprint-blocker * JavaScript 0

Block HTML canvas element from being used for fingerprinting purposes

KeyPress-OSD * AutoHotkey 0

This program is an On-Screen Display or a Heads-Up Display for keys. It displays every key press at a clearly visible text size. It is developed for people with poor eye sight. It is meant to aid desktop computer usage. It is especially useful while chatting or for occasional typing. The user no longer has to squint or zoom in the entire screen to see what s/he writes in small text fields.

python-opencv-chika-fujiwara Python 0

resume HTML 0


go-exportable-cookiejar Go 0

golang exportable cookiejar

php-kahla-client-demo PHP 0

A Simple Kahla Client Demo Written in PHP

python-wsgi-proxy-to-backend Python 0

Python WSGI Proxy to Backend Server (A golang backend server can be deployed easily)

go-bilibili-live-websocket-demo Go 0

Bilibili Live WebSocket Go Client

php-simple-cas PHP 0

A very simple CAS client. Only used to get user.

md2html CSS 0

Convert Markdown to HTML

xjtu_c_language_course-2017 HTML 0

核工程51能动B51: Assignments 参考答案

celebration * JavaScript 0


ilibrary_ipadstatus_django JavaScript 0

iLibrary iPad出借状态 - Django版本

http-request-simulation Java 0

HTTP Request Simulation in Various Programming Languages

fifedu-spider PHP 0 爬虫

vue-webpack-example JavaScript 0

A Simple Vue Project Build With Webpack

BSOD-js JavaScript 0

Simulating a Blue Screen of Death in your browser.

vocabulary_level-2017-05 PHP 0


Faker * PHP 0

Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you

XjtuLibExamFaker PHP 0

Full-marks Faker for XJTU Library's Wechat-online-exam

UnipusKeepOnline PHP 0

An server keeping online on Unipus College English Platform

GrayScreen C 0

A simple topmost transparent gray window to decrease screen brightness

diy_forum_guide PHP 0

DiscuzX 自定义论坛导读

think-psysh PHP 0

PsySH for ThinkPHP 5

page-map PHP 0

A mini map for WordPress page.

tmp * 0

DownImd PHP 0

Rythm Master official Notechart download webpage

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
PHP 23 99.92% 2143
TypeScript 128 99.38% 346
HTML 862 99.06% 43
Go 1335 96.48% 22
JavaScript 4538 95.85% 41
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