Chengdu, China

poi JavaScript 4242

:zap: A zero-config bundler for JavaScript applications.

vuepack JavaScript 2355

:package: A modern starter which uses Vue 2, Vuex, Vue-router and Webpack 2 (and even Electron)

hack CSS 2266

⛷ Dead simple CSS framework.

maid JavaScript 1918

Markdown driven task runner.

eme JavaScript 1755

Elegant Markdown Editor.

devdocs-desktop JavaScript 1672

🗂 A full-featured desktop app for

vue-content-loader JavaScript 1260

SVG component to create placeholder loading, like Facebook cards loading.

saber.js JavaScript 847

A minimalistic framework for building static website using Vue.js

codepan JavaScript 622

Like codepen and jsbin but works offline.

vue-timeago JavaScript 559

A timeago component for Vue.

biu HTML 463

:rotating_light: An alert replacement

vue-mugen-scroll JavaScript 449

Infinite scroll component for Vue.js 2

bili JavaScript 448

🥂 A zero-config library bundler.

tooling JavaScript 424

Modular JavaScript Tooling.

vue-no-ssr JavaScript 240

Vue component to wrap non SSR friendly components (428 bytes)

Miu JavaScript 230

:no_entry_sign: [Deprecated] Miu is a Markdown Editor for Windows (Do not star, this code looks like a sh*t)

eva.js JavaScript 202

💫 A complete solution to building modern webs with Vue.js and its friends.

rollup-plugin-postcss JavaScript 197

Seamless integration between Rollup and PostCSS.

vue-inter JavaScript 195

Simple yet powerful 1kB i18n library for Vue.js

vue-final-form JavaScript 182

🏁 High performance subscription-based form state management for Vue.js.

franxx JavaScript 180

A vanilla JavaScript router that works everywhere.

package-size JavaScript 171

Get the bundle size of an npm package.

testen JavaScript 166

:heavy_check_mark: Run tests for multiple versions of Node.js in local env.

is-trademarked-cli JavaScript 163

:tm: CLI tool to check if a word is trademarked.

vue-feather-icons Vue 156

Simply beautiful open source icons as Vue functional components.

hanabi JavaScript 154

:boom: Highlight any code, in a colorful way. (seriously 700 bytes)

vue-cli-gui JavaScript 152

GUI for vue-cli UI.

vue-isomorphic-starter JavaScript 146

Vue server-side rendering in real life. ~(≧▽≦)/~

vue-media JavaScript 145

A CSS media query component for Vue.js

tokio JavaScript 145

Web scraping made simple.

native-toast HTML 130

Native-like toast notification but for the web.

vue-ga JavaScript 127

Google Analytics for Vue.js

vue-preload JavaScript 124

Preloading data for Vue

md JavaScript 121

A markdown parser and compiler. Built for speed.

eventstop JavaScript 121

A minimal event library for Node.js and browser.

loglive JavaScript 115

Render changelog as a website on the fly.

data-tip.css HTML 115

:barber: Wow, such tooltip, with pure css!

io-spin JavaScript 113

TJ Holowaychuk's go-spin node.js port

vue-windows Vue 107

Vue components for creating neat windows.

vmark JavaScript 106

Convert markdown to Vue component.

app-loading JavaScript 105

Focus on Medium-like app loading style

svg-to-vue-component JavaScript 102

Transform SVG files into Vue SFC (with hot reloading and SVGO support)

nswatch JavaScript 101

Like but for npm scripts.

zoom-image JavaScript 97

Medium's Image Zoom (no dependencies, IE 10+)

vue-monaco JavaScript 96

MonacoEditor component for Vue.js

evangelion-card Vue 94

Generate Evangelion title card like a boss 😎

vue-emotion JavaScript 93

Seamlessly use emotion (CSS-in-JS) with Vue.js

corner-notie JavaScript 92

A corner tip utility

rollup-loader JavaScript 89

Rollup does what it can do, and let Webpack finish the job.

tyu JavaScript 82

Unit test with no initial configuration.

vue-step-indicator Vue 81

👣 Simple step indicator for Vue.js

zerotwo JavaScript 77

😈 Refined state containter for Vue.js

puex JavaScript 77

(Deprecated) Simple 1kB Vuex alternative JavaScript 77

Manage so easy it hurts.

lamu JavaScript 76

:ribbon: Impressive terminal logger

v-copy JavaScript 75

Vue directive to copy to clipboard. (1kB)

always-bet-on-vue 73

Chunibyo's overwhelming victory

autolink.js JavaScript 72

Auto-link url and images, email, video, music, <br/> in text.

presite JavaScript 69

Prerender your website using Puppeteer.

vue-fetch-data JavaScript 66

A simple and declarative way to fetch data for Vue components.

funbook JavaScript 66

I have a dream, to be a novelist someday.

nwjs JavaScript 65

Install nw.js prebuilts using npm (formerly node-webkit)

log-horizon JavaScript 63

A fancy logger for CLI apps.

dom-dom JavaScript 63

JSX to actual DOM.

detect-es JavaScript 59

Detect ESnext features in your code.

vue-prism-component JavaScript 55

highlight code using prism.js and vue component

version-badge JavaScript 52

Display a version badge.

image-cli JavaScript 52

Uploading local or remote images from CLI to store in Cloud.

vue-persist JavaScript 51

Persist data in localStorage or anywhere for Vue.js apps

graphql-aot JavaScript 51

Run GraphQL query ahead of time. (i.e. at build time)

jsx-editor Vue 50

JSX Live Editor

awesome-poi 50

A curated list of awesome Poi resources.

emoji Vue 48

Unfancy emoji searcher.

taki JavaScript 48

Take a snapshot of any website.

element-in-view JavaScript 46

Check if an element is in viewport. (580 bytes and IE9+)

jQuery.scrollIntoView JavaScript 46

When a DIV is scrolled into or out of the visible part of browser it executes a function.

styletron-vue JavaScript 45

Vue bindings for Styletron.

logo-maker CSS 44

create a simple logo..

aimer Vue 44

The UI Development Framework

v-tippy JavaScript 43

Vue.js binding for Tippy.js

conpack JavaScript 42

Manage webpack config like a boss.

blog Vue 42

vue-cm JavaScript 42

CodeMirror component for Vue.js

vue-network JavaScript 42

Render a Vue component to indicate network status.

gist-it JavaScript 42

Create a GitHub Gist from text files.

vue-bytesize-icons Vue 41

Bytesize SVG icons as Vue functional components

svg-to-component JavaScript 40

Convert SVG to React/Vue components

slogan HTML 40

:art: Generate logo for open-source projects

kanpai JavaScript 39

:beers: Kanpai is a better way to publish a new version of your node module!

flock JavaScript 39

Minimalistic Twitter desktop client for managing multiple accounts.

webpack-proxy JavaScript 39

Use webpack loader with automatic dependency installation.

github-pocket JavaScript 38

A Chrome extension to improve GitHub

babel-preset-minimal JavaScript 36

A babel preset that produces smallest possible code.

feng JavaScript 36

Fast start a website using new generation web technologies.

tre JavaScript 35

Create file tree.

template-electron JavaScript 35

Scaffold out an Electron app.

is-trademarked JavaScript 35

Check if a word is trademarked.

croatia JavaScript 34

Spawn a process and clear its output when succeeded.

recrawler JavaScript 34

Remote web content crawler done right.

donate 33

:sparkling_heart: Help @egoist become a full-time open-source ninja.

imgcat JavaScript 33

:mount_fuji: Display image in iTerm2 version 2.9+ from both URL and file path.

react-and-vue CSS 33

badge-studio JavaScript 33

Creating customizable metadata badges.

vue-land Vue 32

A chat community for library authors, contributors, end users on Vue land.

vue-slim-tabs Vue 32

A slim tab component for Vue.js (1.3 kB minified)

mkfile JavaScript 32

Full-feature ES2015+ driven task runner.

interpolate-html-plugin JavaScript 31

Webpack plugin for interpolating custom variables into index.html

dist-size JavaScript 31

Print the size of files in a directory

pocky-deprecated JavaScript 31

rollup + nodemon = pocky

template-nm JavaScript 31

Scaffold out a node module

your-name JavaScript 31

君の名は。你的名字。your name.

majo JavaScript 30

A minimal module to manipulate files.

anydoc 30

Any repo, Any doc.

vue-autosize-textarea JavaScript 30

automatically adjust textarea height.

webpack-flow JavaScript 29

🎴 Compose webpack config with confidence.

mordred JavaScript 29

The knight of static website generators.

liyu JavaScript 28

Urban dictionary in command line. 「俚语词典」

instasave Vue 28

Download Instagram Photo.

rawmeat JavaScript 28

基于 GitHub 的博客系统 ( ゜- ゜)つロ

joycon JavaScript 27

Find and load config files with joy.

slugo JavaScript 27

The smallest possible slug utility for Node.js and Browser

vue-wired JavaScript 27

A Higher Order Component to pass async values down as props.

toka JavaScript 27

A handy tool to generate common files in command line

konan JavaScript 26

find all require/import calls by walking the AST

esbin Vue 26

JavaScript debugging made simple.

use-config JavaScript 25

Find and load config from package.json, rc file or whatever format it is

magi-deprecated JavaScript 25

[deprecated] Magically turn markdown file into static website.

babel-plugin-webpack-chunkname JavaScript 24

Automatically set the chunkname for dynamic imports

markdown-it-highlight-lines JavaScript 24

Highlight specific lines in code blocks.

vegito JavaScript 24

Simple micro templating with JavaScript expression support.

yarn-install JavaScript 24

Install dependencies using Yarn with npm fallback.

umo JavaScript 24

A rich text editor, for Vue.js

front-matter JavaScript 24

An ultra simple and light-weight library for extracting front-matter.

onclick-outside Vue 23

Trigger function when clicking outside a component for Vue.js

anii Vue 23

A modern web video player.

vue-highlight-component JavaScript 22

highlight code using highlight.js and vue component.

awesome-tiny-browser-libs JavaScript 22

A curated list of awesome tiny browser libraries.

card-ribbon HTML 22

Card ribbon in pure CSS.

miku JavaScript 21

A general-purpose JS/CSS/HTML prototype tool.

awesome-starter 21

A collection of awesome things to help you fresh start a new project fast.

svg-to-component-loader JavaScript 21

Webpack loader to import SVG as React/Vue component

vue-html JavaScript 19

Use tagged template string in Vue.js

vengine JavaScript 19

Vue template engine.

vue-simple-router JavaScript 19

Vue router for Non-Single-Page applications

template-vue JavaScript 19

Create Vue app with zero-config development setup.

bgm JavaScript 19

Display bangumi list in CLI.

instamail Vue 19

Send mail to anyone, instantly, anonymously.

vue-slides JavaScript 18

[under development] Fantastic slides made with Vue.js

network-loader JavaScript 17

A webpack loader to load resource from the network.

unlinkable Vue 17

Prevent Twitter from auto-converting URL and @mention, #hashtag into links.

chelly-legacy CSS 17

chelly is a markdown editor born for nothing. (this repo is alive, and help wanted)

vue-template-live-editor Vue 17

Vue template live editor.

oh-my-css CSS 17

Pure css framework designed for the minimalist

sheriff JavaScript 16

npx sheriff-cli 😁

webpack-handle-css-loader JavaScript 16

A less verbose way to add CSS and CSS extraction support in webpack.

vmark-loader JavaScript 16

Webpack loader to convert markdown to Vue component.

create-poi-react-app JavaScript 16

The create-react-app that uses Poi instead of react-scripts.

random-anime-wallpapers JavaScript 16

[DEPRECATED] Get some nice anime wallpapers in node.js

cram JavaScript 16

Cram for a front-end job interview HTML 15

EGOIST's homepage.

babel-plugin-markdown JavaScript 15

Precompile markdown to HTML at build time.

docute-iframe JavaScript 15

A docute plugin to run code in docs with an iframe.

input-prompt Vue 15

ultra simple text auto-complete utility

mojibar * CSS 15

:chocolate_bar: Emoji searcher but as a menubar app for Windows

sfc JavaScript 14

A set of useful commands for dealing with Vue single-file components.

time-fix-plugin JavaScript 14

eslint-config-vue-app JavaScript 14

ESLint configuration for Vue.js app (extends from @sindresorhus / xo)

babel-plugin-transform-vue-template JavaScript 14

Babel plugin to compile Vue template at build time.

you-dont-know-es6 14

《You don't know front-end》series - ECMAScript 2015

imgcat-cli JavaScript 14

CLI tool to display image in iTerm 2.9+

vue-github-badge JavaScript 14

Why? Cuz I need it

react-boilerplate JavaScript 14

Simple yet Advanced React Boilerplate.

todomado CoffeeScript 13

Command-line todo made easy

aot-loader JavaScript 13

Load and pre-evaluate code at compile time

install-packages JavaScript 13

Programmatically install npm packages and corresponding peerDependencies.

tiny-svg-icons 13

A set of super tiny svg icons.

vue-observe JavaScript 13

A decorator to make class properties reactive with Vue.js

vue-electron-link JavaScript 13

Open link in default browser from your Electron app.

node-zhihu-epub-generator JavaScript 13

知乎 epub 生成器

eslint-config-rem JavaScript 12

ESLint config for rem (a.k.a. egoist).

vue-provider JavaScript 12

Expose any props you pass to be used in provide/inject.

vue-router-sync JavaScript 12

Keep vm data and router state in sync. 12

Documentation of Project Poi

vue-slim-modal JavaScript 12

A slim modal component for Vue.js

page-walker JavaScript 12

Yet another progress indicator

vuepack-cli JavaScript 12

cli tool for vuepack

ideas 11

ideas / thoughts / polls from egoist

side-effect JavaScript 11

Create Vue components whose nested prop changes map to a global side effect

github-top JavaScript 11

The GitHub "Trending" that makes sense

post-compile-webpack-plugin JavaScript 11

Run your code after compilation is done.

md2html Vue 11

Generate HTML from markdown string (online)

saikou-cli JavaScript 11

Your cli is saikou! Vue 11

Showcasing my projects.

babel-preset-preact-app JavaScript 11

One babel preset to rule all your Preact apps.

whoiam JavaScript 11

Get IP in terminal

clew HTML 11

An even more light-weight (1.2kb) tooltip in pure css

color-preset CSS 11

Color preset for PostCSS and Sass developers.

hinata JavaScript 10

:traffic_light: Your cli spinner which like a marquee.

vue-define-reactive JavaScript 10

Vue.util.defineReactive as a module

webpack-node-modules JavaScript 10

Include specified node_modules in webpack loader

japanese-kana JavaScript 10

Node interface to get Japanese kana programmatically.

electronic-weibo JavaScript 10

微博桌面版, 基于 Electron 为您呈现

texy Vue 10

Convert text to image

how-often Vue 10

How often do you create a repo on GitHub?

docute-evanyou JavaScript 9

A docute plugin inspired by evan you.

cssbag JavaScript 9

A collection of PostCSS plugins

style-inject JavaScript 9

Inject style tag to document head.

computer-name JavaScript 9

Get computer name, cross-platform.

curl-size Shell 9

Use curl to get remote file size.

localdb JavaScript 9

Better localStorage Vue 9

Transform anything at one place.

codejargon CSS 9


color-lib JavaScript 9

A color library which contains all colors in material design.

typelog JavaScript 9

console.log with types

one-front JavaScript 9


parse-json-config JavaScript 8

Works similar to how Babel parses its config file.

jue JavaScript 8

Writing Vue component using JSX blocks.

yarn-global JavaScript 8

A set of useful methods for @yarnpkg

ghost-theme-saber CSS 8

Ghost theme made simple, with emoji support!

babel-plugin-sync JavaScript 8

Make asynchronous methods synchronous.

rem JavaScript 8

A JavaScript-friendly Alfred alternative for the 90s.

image-merge JavaScript 8

Merge multiple images into one!

update-pkg JavaScript 8

Update package.json with ease.

pico JavaScript 8

PNG to Ico online converter.

react-jest JavaScript 8

Run Jest tests for React app.

decheck JavaScript 8

Checkout the dependencies an npm module depends on

minimost TypeScript 7

Like minimist but flags are converted to camelCase

menus JavaScript 7

Build menus app using Electron

nano-assign JavaScript 7

Minimalistic Object.assign

menux JavaScript 7

:sparkles: The missing menubar browser for developers.

rm-branches JavaScript 7

An interactive CLI tool to remove git branches.

detect-package-manager JavaScript 7

Detect which package manager you're using (yarn or npm)

amibot JavaScript 7

Detect bots via user-agent. (Am I bot?)

markdown-it-prettier JavaScript 7

A markdown-it plugin to format code blocks in your markdown code.

bgm-fetch JavaScript 7

fetch animes list for you

is-taken-cli JavaScript 7

A simple cli program to check if an NPM package name is taken.

saikou JavaScript 7

Random text meme from ACG world

excute JavaScript 6

Execute any code and get result on your machine.

vue-set-state JavaScript 6

Bring React's setState greatness to Vue land

modern-copy JavaScript 6

Precompiled @sindresorhus/copy-text-to-clipboard (ES5, still 0.2kB)

chat-meme Vue 6

path-extract JavaScript 6

A light-weight implementation for easy route parameters

jm JavaScript 6

Jet Movement detects scrollUp and scrollDown movement for you.

ooxx JavaScript 6

Angels from in your terminal.

gh-pinned-repos JavaScript 5

API service for retrieving pinned repos on GitHub. Vue 5

A chat community for my OSS projects.

parse-package-name JavaScript 5

Parse package name with semver, path, scoped name support

instantclick JavaScript 5

The unofficial NPM package for the well known InstantClick library.

electron-single JavaScript 5

Making your application a Single Instance Application

suffix JavaScript 5

Add suffix to a filename.

commits-between JavaScript 5

Get commit messages bewteen git tags or commit hashes. Vue 5

[Deprecated] Install once, Build everywhere.

vue-simple-portal JavaScript 5

Simple portal component which allows to mount component anywhere.

node-jandan JavaScript 5 Node.js API

unrun JavaScript 5

unfancy npm run scripts.

vscode-theme-slate 5

Cool kids like this theme

ogh JavaScript 5

Open GitHub project page of your repo directly in Terminal.

vanilla-javascript 5

I'm never deterred by vanilla JavaScript.

rolling JavaScript 5

A preset Rollup workflow.

is-following JavaScript 5

Check if a user is following another on GitHub

redux-devtools-script JavaScript 5

Use redux-devtools without React in your app.

sekai JavaScript 5 in your command line

rollup-plugin-hashbang JavaScript 4

Preserve hashbang and make output file executable

unipack JavaScript 4

Universal Webpack.

docker-node Dockerfile 4

The Node.js environment used by EGOIST

vbuild-karma JavaScript 4

Run unit tests with vbuild and Karma

repo-first-commit-api JavaScript 4

Micro service for fetching first commit of any GitHub repo.

super-tiny-hash-router JavaScript 4

bite-sized front-end router.

grid.css JavaScript 4

The grid system from bulma.css as a module.

async-replace JavaScript 4

Like String.prototype.replace but supports asynchronous replacer.

insert2 JavaScript 4

Insert string into HTML.

vue-jsx-api JavaScript 4

API for transforming Vue JSX

vue-inline JavaScript 4

Inline anything in your Vue component

mingrid 4

Grid system from Milligram. (1.9 kB)

head-tags JavaScript 4

manage document head like a pro

cli-timer JavaScript 4

timer in command line

gulp-named JavaScript 4

named exports for gulp.

docute-cli JavaScript 4

CLI for docute

web-polyfill JavaScript 4

The polyfills you'll need in a web app.

post-loader JavaScript 4

Webpack loader for blog posts written in Markdown.

download-repo JavaScript 4

Download GitHub repo with ease.

hyper-name JavaScript 4

Your Name for

meido JavaScript 4

A more straight-forward and friendly meido for serving static files.

iterm-version JavaScript 4

:black_small_square: Get iTerm version.

lazy-json JavaScript 4

lazy-json makes it happen to require JSON file with comments in it.

has-chinese JavaScript 4

Check if text contains a Chinese word.

download-repo-cli JavaScript 4

CLI tool to download GitHub repo.

readpost JavaScript 4

Parse posts that are formated with Yaml and Markdown.

cris JavaScript 3

JavaScript data validation library.

vue-blink JavaScript 3

You've been missing <blink> for so long, haven't you?

template-vue-webpack JavaScript 3

vue + webpack template for vue-cli and sao

by-yarn JavaScript 3

[deprecated] Check if your module is installed by Yarn.

devdocs-www Vue 3

use-vue-without-single-file-component JavaScript 3

Use Vue without single file component (.vue)

fetch-enhance JavaScript 3

A fetch wrapper which will reject on bad response status.

firesize JavaScript 3

Image resize and proxy on the fly.

cm-highlight JavaScript 3

use codemirror as a syntax highlighter

node-root JavaScript 3

Node Root helps you get away from dot hell

webpuck JavaScript 3

maybe it's not that hard (proof of concept)

babel-plugin-alter-object-assign JavaScript 3

Replace Object.assign with a custom function.

global-node-modules JavaScript 3

Find the global node_modules path.

cash-fetch JavaScript 3

[unstable] window.fetch alternative for browser and node.js

repo-latest-commit JavaScript 3

Get the latest commit info of a git repository.

mynpmbot JavaScript 3

npm bot for telegram

markeval JavaScript 3

Pre-evaluate JavaScript in your Markdown code.

webpack-hot-server JavaScript 3

Webpack dev server with webpack-hot-middleware

electron-app-ideas 3

new Electron app ideas.

react-prototype JavaScript 3

Prototype React app like good old jQuery days.

read-fallback JavaScript 3

Read file with extension fallback.

tinypic JavaScript 3

Compress JPG or PNG file in command line.

bootcss CSS 3

A neater Bootstrap.

fuli JavaScript 3

infinite fuli resource

npms JavaScript 3

Unofficial app for searching (currently only for Android).

negative JavaScript 3

Parse object to cli arguments.

myconf JavaScript 3

Easily manage a config file in your project.

road 3

another js router

elx JavaScript 2

State management for a single dom element.

learnxinyminutes-docs * TeX 2

Code documentation written as code! How novel and totally my idea!

classify-by JavaScript 2

Classify an array by property and callback function.

is-taken JavaScript 2

Check if an NPM package name is taken.

switchy JavaScript 2

Replace switch with switchy

action.js HTML 2

A sequence of actions you need in your web

array-cutter JavaScript 2

Make an equal division to an array.

pragma JavaScript 2

Parse pragma and its content from JavaScript comments

computify JavaScript 2

Compute everything, even with units.

scripy JavaScript 2

Run scripts in child process.

get-instagram-photo JavaScript 2

Get Instagram photo by URL

template-basic JavaScript 2

Basic project skeleton.

template-gi JavaScript 2

Add gitignore file to your project

temp-server JavaScript 2

Serve specific route with specific content.

romantic JavaScript 2

Extract variables from string.

object-nest JavaScript 2

Assign some property nestly

object-picker JavaScript 2

Pick only what you want in an object.

reqjs JavaScript 2

require from string for browser use.

promise.series JavaScript 2

Run Promise in series.

ebook-spider JavaScript 2

To fetch up to 40000 ebooks (epub/mobi/pdf) in minutes.

age JavaScript 2

Print your age in terminal

eva-webpack-simple Vue 2

A webpack example for eva.js

nofetch JavaScript 2

A minimal window.fetch implementation for Node.js

babel-load-config JavaScript 2

object-wrap JavaScript 2

Wrap object items in a function, recursively.

loading-dots 2

CSS loading dots

html-compat JavaScript 2

Make HTML file compatible with legacy browsers by transpiling script and style tag.

js-string JavaScript 2

Stringify JSON without double quotes ""

generator-esnm JavaScript 2

Scaffold out a node module in ECMAScript

alfred-html-entity JavaScript 2

Decode and Encode HTML entity in Alfred.

vue-requests 2

Need a Vue.js module or looking for ideas? Here to help!

nice-github JavaScript 2

A user-script to redesign GitHub to be more readable.

magical-move JavaScript 2

mv with data replacement.

counting-stars JavaScript 2

Counting stars like you are One Republic.

pget JavaScript 2

nugget but with a Promise interface.

sweetalert CSS 2

todo 2

Personal todo list for interests related stuffs. Comments and suggestions on what I should work on are always welcome.

ims JavaScript 2

In Memory Store (IMS).

animegirl-universal Vue 2

ag for win/osx/linux

fun JavaScript 2

A simple functional programming language for fun.

vue-gobang Vue 2

Gobang game made with Vue.

moments JavaScript 2

Record and display multi-timezones in terminal.

multipath JavaScript 2

Access your file from anywhere

color JavaScript 2

attractive colors and color patterns

hexo-renderer-markdown-it-codemirror * JavaScript 1

Markdown-it is a Markdown parser, done right. A faster and CommonMark compliant alternative for Hexo.

My-blog * 1


tasco JavaScript 1

Build tool for the HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

4each JavaScript 1

forEach but for everything

4gram 1

It's like 4chan and Instagram had a bady.

awesome-npm * 1

Awesome npm resources and tips

peco-theme-tom CSS 1

A minimal Peco theme.

lolita JavaScript 1

An orm for orms.

electron-pages JavaScript 1

Manage pages in Electron like a pro.

browserified JavaScript 1

Browserified npm packages.

get-npm-client JavaScript 1

Get npm client for a project.

object-string JavaScript 1

Read string as JS object

auth2 JavaScript 1

Easy and Secure auth strategy within a SPA.

storybook-clients JavaScript 1

better-coffee-loader JavaScript 1

Better CoffeeScript loader for webpack.

vue-native 1

Write once run anywhere.

template-spectacle JavaScript 1

Scaffold out a Spectacle Presentation.

starred-count JavaScript 1

Get total starred count for a GitHub user.

then-exec JavaScript 1

Promisify child_promise's exec method * JavaScript 1

Free and short JS.ORG domains for GitHub Pages

hexo-renderer-buble JavaScript 1

Using Buble to transform JS files in your Hexo website.

import-local-file * JavaScript 1

Let a globally installed package use a locally installed version of itself if available

hexo-renderer-marko JavaScript 1

Use marko template in Hexo.

DPlayer * JavaScript 1

:lollipop: Wow, such a lovely HTML5 danmaku video player

stringfy JavaScript 1

A collection of nice shits for String manipulations.

syncscroll * JavaScript 1

scroll two or more areas simultaneously

github-colors * Python 1

Github colors for all the programming languages

jquery.ripples * 1

Add water ripples to your background using WebGL.

keycode JavaScript 1

Get keyCode on the fly.

docute-prefix-link JavaScript 1

html-matter JavaScript 1

Front-matter in HTML comments

fancy-hr JavaScript 1

Yield a fancy <hr /> in Node applications.

random-pick JavaScript 1

Pick random unique items from an array.

Rythm.js * JavaScript 1

A javascript library that makes your page dance.

repo-first-commit JavaScript 1

Get the first commit of any GitHub repo.

react-spa JavaScript 1

A React Single Page Application scaffold

tooling-vue JavaScript 1

Like `vue build` but for tooling

ensure-git JavaScript 1

Ensure git status before running something like `npm publish`

rawmeat-old JavaScript 1

Raw Meat is a quote blog

standup JavaScript 1

Force you to stand up and go out!

ream-init JavaScript 1

Generator for ream framework

instagram-photo-api JavaScript 1

clear-it JavaScript 1

Clear terminal console.

commander.js * JavaScript 1

node.js command-line interfaces made easy

stateful-title JavaScript 1

Stateful title management.

miniopt JavaScript 1

A minimal option parser.

tiktok JavaScript 1

Milestone for your things

whatskey JavaScript 1

What's the key? I'm confused..

npmin JavaScript 1

A minimal implementation of `npm install` for programmatic use.

sync-ssh-key JavaScript 1

Sync ssh public key to remote server so that you can login without being prompted for a password.

split-space JavaScript 1

Split a string by space and ignore space in quoted string.

res-time JavaScript 1

Get TCP/socket response time.

path-empty JavaScript 1

Check if a path is empty

located-in JavaScript 1

Get (GitHub) users by a specified location.

get-bin JavaScript 1

Get the name of the executable set in package.json

ignores JavaScript 1

gitignore as a service

dir2 JavaScript 1

Get all directories within a directory.

apmx JavaScript 1

like apm for Atom editor but no need of build tools like Visual studio and XCode.

awesome-spa 1

A curated list of delightful resources for building single page applications.

copy-then JavaScript 1

Simple utility for copying files with Promise support.

current-pkg JavaScript 1

Load package.json from current work directory.

vue-prototype JavaScript 1

The final solution to prototype Vue apps and components

random-starred-repo-cli JavaScript 1

Get a random starred repo in command-line.

htmlpack JavaScript 1

Rethink HTML.

regex-world 1

Regex everything you see

res-time-cli JavaScript 1

Get TCP/socket response time in Terminal.

exploring-es6-ui JavaScript 1

Explore "Exploring ES6" in better UI.

node-bear JavaScript 1

Get random bear ASCII art.

vue-router-example JavaScript 1

Basic example using vue-router

niwang CoffeeScript 1


code-of-conduct 1

Why would I join you against my code of conduct?

get-season JavaScript 1

Get the current season of Anime world. 「现在在播几月新番?」

loose-array JavaScript 1

Check if is an Array or Array-like Object

hexo-theme-subtle CSS 1

something stolen from

ooxx-api JavaScript 1 存档和 API

htmldown HTML 1

Convert HTML to Markdown-format text (better run in node environment)

webpack-config-vue JavaScript 1

Reusable Webpack config for Vue.js

you-dont-know-postcss 1

《You don't know front-end》series - PostCSS

camel2kebab JavaScript 1

camelCase/PascalCase to kebab-case

egoist-style-guide 1

Exactly the way egoist writes the code.

menu-plugins JavaScript 1

My plugins for bitbar

mutate-qs JavaScript 1

mutate queryString in browser location

evangelion-old JavaScript 1

JavaScript Testing utilities for Vue.

resolve-indent JavaScript 1

Split code block by indent.

cee JavaScript 1


sox-license 1

A new license that does make sense.

lean-frame JavaScript 1

基于 leancloud 架设纯前端应用

react-reflux 1

some experiments

magicstar JavaScript 1

strengthen github star in your chrome

raw CSS 1

raw is a javascript-driven blog engine

lib JavaScript 1

3rd party APIs.

iambition-remote JavaScript 1

远程工作发布平台, 寻找一个有野心的你

images 1

Auto compress the images I use when I make a push

emoji-regex-latest * JavaScript 0

A regular expression to match all Emoji-only symbols as per the Unicode Standard.

node-clipboard * JavaScript 0

Clipboard access for CLI programs

docute-markdown-it * JavaScript 0

Markdown parser, done right. 100% CommonMark support, extensions, syntax plugins & high speed

screencapture-shadow-disabled JavaScript 0

Check if screencapture shadow is disabled. (macOS)

random-starred-repo JavaScript 0

Return a random repo from the ones starred by you.

vue-hot-reload-api * JavaScript 0

🌶️ Hot reload API for Vue components

vue-style-loader * JavaScript 0

💅 vue style loader module for webpack

elint * JavaScript 0

JavaScript happiness style linter ❤️

vue-inter-example JavaScript 0

Created with CodeSandbox

to-blob JavaScript 0

HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.toBlob polyfill

markdown-syntax-zhtw * 0

Markdown 語法說明中文版

nano-repeat JavaScript 0

Minimalistic String.prototype.repeat

template-poi-minimal JavaScript 0

Create a minimal Poi project

eslint-config-xo-space * JavaScript 0

ESLint shareable config for XO with 2-space indent

jest-for-all * JavaScript 0

jest-for-all code

marked * HTML 0

A markdown parser and compiler. Built for speed.

offline-plugin * JavaScript 0

Offline plugin (ServiceWorker, AppCache) for webpack (

sinatine * JavaScript 0

weibo HTML5 for macOS

svelte-loader * JavaScript 0

Webpack loader for svelte components.

map-to-obj JavaScript 0

ES2015 Map to plain object.

poper JavaScript 0

A friend who replaces content wrapped in specific comments

electron-apps * JavaScript 0

A collection of apps built on Electron

vue-loader * JavaScript 0

Webpack loader for Vue.js components

postcss-loader * JavaScript 0

PostCSS loader for webpack

download-git-repo * JavaScript 0

Download and extract a git repository (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) from node.

recrawler-spa JavaScript 0

Recrawler for single page application.

axios * JavaScript 0

Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

Resume-Generator-zh_CN CSS 0

Create a resume.

json-it JavaScript 0

Manipulate JSON from stdin.

tooling-preact JavaScript 0

Adapter for using Preact with tooling.

safe-node-require JavaScript 0

require without throwing if required module does not exist

clean-code-javascript * JavaScript 0

:bathtub: Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript

release * JavaScript 0

Manage GitHub Releases from the command line

file-loader * JavaScript 0

file loader for webpack

cash-year JavaScript 0

Like lodash but for year.

highlight-languages JavaScript 0

Load highlight.js languages via CDN

replace-section JavaScript 0

Replace a section in string.

blank-loader JavaScript 0

Webpack loader for returning blank contents.

lomap JavaScript 0

Map reducer for JS object.

webpack-scripts JavaScript 0

webpack shorthands

webpack-add-entry JavaScript 0

Add webpack entry

split-on-first-occurrence JavaScript 0

Split a string on the first occurrence of a char

bili-babel JavaScript 0

Babel plugin for Bili.

eslint-config-egoist-vue JavaScript 0

My personal ESLint config for Vue projects

to-space JavaScript 0

Convert leading tab to spaces.

travis-or-circle JavaScript 0

Read node versions from travis or circle config file.

toggle-screencapture-shadow JavaScript 0

Toggle shadow of screencapture you take on macOS.

node-random-number JavaScript 0

Generate one or more random unique numbers in a range.

nwjs-versions JavaScript 0

Get all available nw.js versions.

split-on-first-space JavaScript 0

Split string on the first white space occurence.

mailto 0

Public mail sending service, feel free to use it in personal service.

humanlize-spawn JavaScript 0

Humanlized version of child_process's spawn and spawnSync

is-down JavaScript 0

Check if a website is down.

changelog-nightly JavaScript 0

The hottest new repos on GitHub.

api-server JavaScript 0

Establish an API server which is written in ES2015+.

cross-osx JavaScript 0

Check if it is running in OSX on Node.js and Browser environment.

echeck JavaScript 0

Simple utility to run eslint over my projects.

livid JavaScript 0

Livid brings V2EX to the command line world.

toggle-screencapture-shadow-cli JavaScript 0

Toggle shadow of screen capture on macOS via comman-line.

create-element-from-selector JavaScript 0

document.createElement from a selector.

vue-2-example JavaScript 0

simple spa example running vue2 jsx

insekai-old JavaScript 0

Tag based forum software for hentai (API part).

try-vim JavaScript 0

Learn Vim by writing about it.

render-json JavaScript 0

Render JSON data into your template.

round-table 0

Discuss with @egoist

v2ex-proxy JavaScript 0

Play with V2EX API with no worry about CORS.

string-permutation JavaScript 0

Find all permutations of a string by a given length.

fwlink JavaScript 0


mofa JavaScript 0

:sparkles: My own helper library, like lodash but customized for me ;)

electron * C++ 0

Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies

vuex * JavaScript 0

Flux-inspired Application Architecture for Vue.js.

docker-strider * Shell 0

Strider-CD Modular Docker Image

resource 0

The images, static assets used in EGOIST's projects and life.

evangelion JavaScript 0

View layer done right, using ES6 template string.

notes 0

Where EGOIST taking notes.

object2array JavaScript 0

Convert an object to array.

emodel JavaScript 0

Vue.js made simple.

scripts JavaScript 0

The little scripts I am using in daily life.

fish-functions 0

Most used fish functions by me

array-functions JavaScript 0

Read JS functions from JSON array.

array-function JavaScript 0

Read JS function from JSON(Array) data.

hash-search JavaScript 0

location.hash & for single page application

ktv JavaScript 0

A full-stack web framework based on Koa.

webpack-config-babel6 JavaScript 0

Reusable Webpack config for Babel.

webpack-config-safetify JavaScript 0

Safetify webpack config

transformers JavaScript 0

As its name suggests.

react-medium-editor 0

Focus on Medium-like Markdown editor for React

learn-from-others 0

Read the great code, change the damn world.

timeshell JavaScript 0

Backup and Sync all your node modules which are installed globally

npm-backup 0

animebar-data 0

the-little-book-on-es6 CSS 0

ES6 小书

gitdog JavaScript 0

GitHub timeline made for doges.

eva-example 0

node-test-runner JavaScript 0

A no-setup test runner

toei JavaScript 0

This library shows how to write jQuery in Vanilla JavaScript, and exactly you can directly use it via NPM !!

strip-comments * JavaScript 0

Strip block comments or line comments from code. The tests remove comments from JavaScript, but this will work with any language that uses the same syntax for comments.

feeds JavaScript 0

Feeds for Windows.

rollup-webpack-comparison JavaScript 0

Rollup Webpack Comparison

groupby JavaScript 0

Group a set of objects by some specific semantic property.

language-lson * CoffeeScript 0

JSON (with comments) package for Atom

vue-tools JavaScript 0

Offline Tools For Vue Component

vue-autocomplete 0

Auto-complete input field as Vue Component

vue-tabs 0

Switchable tabs as Vue Component

autoembed JavaScript 0

Auto-embed nice embed-able links.

git-stats * JavaScript 0

:four_leaf_clover: Local git statistics including GitHub-like contributions calendars. Objective-C 0

have me dance

insekai-telegram JavaScript 0

insekai x telegram

subgit-testfolder 0

subgit JavaScript 0

Deploy your sub-directory to git.

prpr JavaScript 0

Preload and Predict the future data.

akagi JavaScript 0

core of kaga

kaga JavaScript 0


mailme JavaScript 0

snaply CoffeeScript 0

[website is down] shitty code of snaply

jShit JavaScript 0

The last library for dirty DOM manipulations if you cannot avoid that.

colordots HTML 0

generate useless dots

most-visited 0

my most visited websites

Lotr.js * JavaScript 0

just another promise lib

chat-with-zchan 0

zchan daisuki

animegirl-windows Vue 0


colors-gradient HTML 0

To see some color patterns in gradient style.

vue-document-title 0

Declarative, nested, stateful document title for Vue

mine Vue 0


umaru JavaScript 0

fooooooooooooooooooooorum software

C2H6 0


react-tagbox JavaScript 0

Input Tag styling for React

fed 0

front-end developers

active-walker 0

Detect which DOM element you've reached.

shadowswitch 0

quick switching your shadowsocks connection

eria-core 0

core structure of eria

eria 0

An isomorphic Node.js stack

orange HTML 0


react-server JavaScript 0

React server-side scaffold

express-babel-starter JavaScript 0

Using Express with ES6+

bmagic JavaScript 0

dig into what black magic the Chinese tech companies use

pen JavaScript 0

An old and new way to contact someone

cnvm JavaScript 0

node version manager using source from

repoll 0

Full-featured poll or survey system made with ReactJS and Love.

learn-javascript 0

javascript for stupid people like me

babili 0

a forum

frontend-interview 0

some answers for that

kawaii CSS 0

Cute and robust, fat-free css framework.

stand-prototype JavaScript 0 for Windows prototype

code-front JavaScript 0

front-end of

motivation JavaScript 0

A hybrid mobile app to record your age and when to die

memodal 0

Focus on Medium-like modal style

node-cli JavaScript 0

node.js command line module scaffold

xie 0

[vi & vt] Xie a novel.

bootium 0

The CSS and JavaScript framework that helps you build modern websites in Medium's style

AppCity 0


SecretBase CoffeeScript 0

var notes = new SB('notes', 'Array') // localStorage

note 0

除了 marked 没有任何依赖的项目,然而这并不算优点

menubar * JavaScript 0

high level way to create menubar desktop applications with electron (formerly atom-shell)

temgine 0

template engine

po 0

破 - when jQuery meets MVVM

better-tag 0

Inputting tags with a better experience than ever.

sense 0

A tool to help you translate English better

nippon 0

what is nippon built for? I've no idea either.

react7d JavaScript 0

七日七 React

vc JavaScript 0

codeigniter in js

hua 0

windows menubar app made easy with love.

intro 0

generate beautiful app landing page

gradient-input 0

Input gradient text real-time

bcore CoffeeScript 0

a core that every blog engine wants

docs * HTML 0

LeanCloud Documentation

q.js * HTML 0


duang.js CSS 0

something went wrong, nico poi duang, the duang.js

f JavaScript 0

the f part of a website.

lilith 0

a single-user version of

ao CSS 0

my blog

yurei JavaScript 0

Blog driven by GitHub issues but using my favorite tool chain.

issue-zero 0

Ticket system based on GitHub issues

lotus 0

SPA blog engine using leancloud as backend

gilgamesh 0

A simple JavaScript utils library

n * Shell 0

Node version management

image-view 0

A minimalist image light box

dao 0

A you-do-not-want-to-use library for HTML dom manpulation * HTML 0

junk JavaScript 0

logic-rich template engine based on nunjucks.

slug.js JavaScript 0

browser-side string slug library

insekai-ionic JavaScript 0

mobile apps for

sweetmodal JavaScript 0

make modals sweet.

pages JavaScript 0

50yin JavaScript 0

life is hard, speak Chinese pls!

iambition CoffeeScript 0

go eatting shit

GitHub-Auto-Deploy JavaScript 0

used by me

oh-my-salary 0

show salary in new tab page.

express-starter CoffeeScript 0

my express stack

Malachai JavaScript 0

front-end set for devils.

dyc 0


node-slug JavaScript 0

Slugify your article title like a pro!

resume JavaScript 0

YAML-driven resume generator on the fly

hexo-renderer-marked-better * JavaScript 0

Markdown renderer for Hexo

hexo-cli * JavaScript 0

Command line interface for Hexo

greenray-theme-for-hexo * CSS 0

A clean theme for hexo.

double-lines 0

double lines means \n\n

kickstart.css CSS 0

normalize and neat your css

gulpc JavaScript 0

A tiny wrapper of using coffee-script for gulpfile

nk JavaScript 0

node-kit is for quick starting a fat-free, powerful and elegant web app

git-issues.js 0

Check out issues of a repo right in your terminal

goto JavaScript 0

Goto visit website from terminal by its name or its url

gitignore 0

A fork github/gitignore

static * JavaScript 0

开放静态文件 - 为开源库稳定、快速的免费 CDN 服务

node-medium-generator JavaScript 0

Get post infomation by post url and export to HTML format from Medium

vagrant-web-prototype * 0

Used Slim & MySQL

vagrant-slim 0

MoniCoin * JavaScript 0


Casper * CSS 0

The default personal blogging theme for Ghost * JavaScript 0

a promise website to document and promote

Dead CSS 0

Dead Timer for just doing one thing better, in time.

markdown-word * 0

A NODE.JS module for creating Word documents (docx) from Markdown

Insta * 0

Instagram-like Theme for Typecho


A Chrome extension to uglify V2EX and more...

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