Ruipeng Zhang

Harbin Institute of Technology

hexo-theme-icarus CSS 955

The blog theme you may fall in love with, coming to Hexo.

Hozz JavaScript 698

A better way to manage your hosts.

hexo-theme-hueman CSS 653

A redesign of Alx's wordpress theme hueman, ported to Hexo.

hexo-theme-minos CSS 203

A simple and retro styled Hexo theme, concentrated more on your ideas.

hexo-theme-alex CSS 59

(Deprecated) Alex is a very simple, elegant and responsive theme for Hexo

validator.js JavaScript 50

(Depreciated) A Laravel styled JavaScript Object/Form/JSON validation library.

QingyingPT Java 18

Android App for HIT Private Tracker

toWords-desktop-client CSS 11


Project.GEDC.Android Java 4

2016电子设计大赛-客户端 CSS 4

Project.GEDC PHP 3


wmic.js JavaScript 3

A Node.js fluent interface to Windows Management Instrumentation CLI(WMIC).

mssql-odbc 3

Dockerfile of Ubuntu Trusty with Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver Support.

apache-php-mssql-odbc PHP 2

Apache-PHP Server with Microsoft SQL Server Connection Support Based on Ubuntu Trusty Dockerfile JavaScript 2 site

cm10.1_onda_v819mini VimL 1

CyanogenMod 10.1 stockrom for Onda V819mini Tablet

hit-docker-apache-php PHP 1

Apache-PHP Dockerfile using Harbin Institute of Technology Ubuntu sources

laravel-mssql-odbc 1

Dockerfile of Laravel with Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver Support.

Bluetooth-Indoor-Location Java 1 * JavaScript 1

Free and short JS.ORG domains for GitHub Pages

electron-sudo * JavaScript 0

Electron subprocesses with administrative privileges, prompting the user with an OS dialog if necessary.

ant-colony-tsp Python 0

Solve TSP using Ant Colony Optimization in Python 3

docker-laravel-artisan * 0

Docker container for the Laravel Artisan CLI for use with the Laravel PHP framework

MDPreference * Java 0

MDPreference make the PreferenceFragment more awesome.

RxDocs * 0


docker-laravel-composer * 0

Docker container for Composer for use with the Laravel PHP framework

sudo-prompt * JavaScript 0

Run a command using sudo, prompting the user with an OS dialog if necessary.

stone-lang Java 0

cdnjs * 0

Our goal is to operate this CDN in a peer reviewed fashion.

docker-laravel-phpfpm * 0

Docker container for PHP-FPM for use with the Laravel PHP framework

apache-php PHP 0

Apache-PHP Server Based on Ubuntu Trusty Dockerfile

docker-laravel 0

Laravel Dockerfile based on ppoffice/apache-php docker image.

编程语言 排名 好于 星星数
CSS 7 99.98% 1885
JavaScript 211 99.66% 754
VimL 533 81.37% 1
PHP 1219 92.79% 6
Java 2491 94.86% 23
更新于2017-08-18 18:13:53