Xingyi Zhou

University of Texas at Austin

CenterNet Python 5899

Object detection, 3D detection, and pose estimation using center point detection:

CenterTrack Python 1816

Simultaneous object detection and tracking using center points.

ExtremeNet Python 979

Bottom-up Object Detection by Grouping Extreme and Center Points

CenterNet2 Python 938

Two-stage CenterNet

pytorch-pose-hg-3d Python 547

PyTorch implementation for 3D human pose estimation

UniDet Python 285

Object detection on multiple datasets with an automatically learned unified label space.

pose-hg-3d Lua 193

Code repository for Towards 3D Human Pose Estimation in the Wild: a Weakly-supervised Approach

DeepModel C++ 111

Code repository for Model-based Deep Hand Pose Estimation

StarMap Python 94

StarMap for Category-Agnostic Keypoint and Viewpoint Estimation

3DKeypoints-DA Python 81

Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for 3D Keypoint Estimation via View Consistency

Randomforest_Hand_Detector C++ 12

My implementation of random forest hand detector from depth image

random-forest-classifier C++ 8

my implementation of standard random forest classifier

CenterNet-better * 6

An easy to understand and better performance version of CenterNet

TensorRT-CenterNet * 4

tensorrt5 , centernet , centerface, deform conv, int8

3D-Machine-Learning * 4

A learning resource repository for 3D machine learning

Bubble-game Python 4

my implementation of a simple bubble game

CornerNet-Lite * Python 3

deepcut * Matlab 3

Multi Person Pose Estimation

cocoapi * Jupyter Notebook 2

COCO API - Dataset @

detectron2 * Python 2

Detectron2 is FAIR's next-generation research platform for object detection and segmentation.

awesome-public-datasets * 2

An awesome list of high-quality open datasets in public domains (on-going). By everyone, for everyone.

human-pose-estimation.pytorch * Python 2

The project is official implement of our ECCV2018 paper "Simple Baselines for Human Pose Estimation and Tracking("

mmdetection * Python 2

Open MMLab Detection Toolbox

Det3D * Python 2

A general 3D object detection codebse.

models * 2

Models and examples built with TensorFlow

DensePose * Jupyter Notebook 2

A real-time approach for mapping all human pixels of 2D RGB images to a 3D surface-based model of the body

Deep3DPose * Jupyter Notebook 2

object3d * Matlab 2

Code for "6-DoF Object Pose from Semantic Keypoints", ICRA 2017




Official PyTorch implementation of "Camera Distance-aware Top-down Approach for 3D Multi-person Pose Estimation from a Single RGB Image ", ICCV 2019

holistic_scene_parsing * Python 1

Code for ECCV 2018 paper - Holistic 3D Scene Parsing and Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image

NTS-Net * Python 1

This is a PyTorch implementation of the ECCV2018 paper "Learning to Navigate for Fine-grained Classification" (Ze Yang, Tiange Luo, Dong Wang, Zhiqiang Hu, Jun Gao, Liwei Wang).

integral-human-pose * Python 1

Integral Human Pose Regression

pytorch_HMR * Python 1

pytorch version of "End-to-end Recovery of Human Shape and Pose"

CornerNet * Python 1

deep-high-resolution-net.pytorch * Cuda 1

The project is an official implement of our CVPR2019 paper "Deep High-Resolution Representation Learning for Human Pose Estimation"

maskrcnn-benchmark * Python 1

Fast, modular reference implementation of Instance Segmentation and Object Detection algorithms in PyTorch.

lcnn * Python 1

End-to-End Wireframe Parsing

tracking_wo_bnw * 1

Implementation of "Tracking without bells and whistles” and the multi-object tracking "Tracktor"

nuscenes-devkit * 1

The devkit of the nuScenes dataset.

Higher-HRNet-Human-Pose-Estimation * 1

Higher-Resolution Networks (HigherHRNets) for Human Pose Estimation

towards-universal-object-detection * 1

ASFF * 1

yolov3 with mobilenet v2 and ASFF

mseg-semantic * Python 1

An Official Repo of CVPR '20 "MSeg: A Composite Dataset for Multi-Domain Segmentation"

3dmatch-toolbox * C++ 1

3DMatch - a 3D ConvNet-based local geometric descriptor for aligning 3D meshes and point clouds.

3DHumanPose * Matlab 1

dataset * 1

The Open Images dataset

resume * TeX 1

An elegant \LaTeX\ résumé template

pytorch-faster-rcnn * Jupyter Notebook 1

I would appreciate if someone can retrain the model. The "finetune from scratch" result should be better because the training details have been changed. (And mobilenet training not supported yet.)

SoftTeacher * 0

Winner_ECCV20_TAO * 0

1st Place Solution to ECCV-TAO-2020: Detect and Represent Any Object for Tracking

SuperPointPretrainedNetwork * 0

PyTorch pre-trained model for real-time interest point detection, description, and sparse tracking (

pose-residual-network * Python 0

Code for the Pose Residual Network introduced in 'MultiPoseNet: Fast Multi-Person Pose Estimation using Pose Residual Network' paper

videoavatars * Python 0

This repository contains code corresponding to the paper Video based reconstruction of 3D people models.

surreal * Lua 0

Learning from Synthetic Humans, CVPR 2017

CategoryShapes * Matlab 0

Code for "Category-Specific Object Reconstruction from a Single Image" CVPR 2015.

pose-ae-train * Python 0

Training code for "Associative Embedding: End-to-End Learning for Joint Detection and Grouping"

deep_active_vision * Lua 0

xv6 * C 0

My fork of XV6 operating system for studying.

hourglass3D * Lua 0

Aperture * Matlab 0

Realtime_Multi-Person_Pose_Estimation * Matlab 0

Code repo for realtime multi-person pose estimation, without using any person detector.

RMPE * C++ 0

RMPE: Regional Multi-person Pose Estimation, forked from Caffe.

nips16_PTN * Lua 0

Torch Implementation of NIPS'16 paper: Perspective Transformer Nets

human-pose-estimation * Lua 0

This repository implements a demo of the Human pose estimation via Convolutional Part Heatmap Regression paper.

flowstate-webapp * CSS 0

WebApp for Flowstate(OS X and iOS)

goldfinch * 0

deepmask * Lua 0

Torch implementation of DeepMask and SharpMask

CVPR2016_HandPoseEstimation * C++ 0

Robust 3D Hand Pose Estimation in Single Depth Images: from Single-View CNN to Multi-View CNNs

3D_Pose_Estimation_CVPR2016 * Matlab 0

deepcut-cnn * C++ 0

CNN architecture for articulated human pose estimation

pose-hg-train * Python 0

Training and experimentation code used for "Stacked Hourglass Networks for Human Pose Estimation"

caffe * C++ 0

Caffe: a fast open framework for deep learning.

ief * Python 0

Iterative Error Feedback

deep_hand_pose * C++ 0

Provides the source code for the deep learning components mentioned in "Depth-based hand pose estimation: methods, data, and challenges"

itheano * Python 0

codebase * C++ 0

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