Ruan YiFeng

Shanghai, China

es6tutorial JavaScript 19566

《ECMAScript 6入门》是一本开源的 JavaScript 语言教程,全面介绍 ECMAScript 6 新增的语法特性。

weekly 18287


jstraining 18234


react-demos JavaScript 15792

a collection of simple demos of React.js

free-books 12013


webpack-demos JavaScript 9451

a collection of simple demos of Webpack

document-style-guide 8786


jstutorial CSS 5378

Javascript tutorial book

reading-list 1196

Some books I read

react-babel-webpack-boilerplate JavaScript 1165

a boilerplate for React-Babel-Webpack project

es-checker JavaScript 993

A feature detection library for ECMAScript in node.js and browser.

articles 837

personal articles

simple-bash-scripts Shell 830

A collection of simple Bash scripts

loppo JavaScript 668

an extremely easy static site generator of markdown documents

book-computer-networks 585

Free E-Book: Computer Networks - A Systems Approach

koa-demos 462

A collection of simple demos of Koa

wechat-miniprogram-demos 451


extremely-simple-flux-demo JavaScript 438

Learn Flux from an extremely simple demo

css-modules-demos JavaScript 383

a collection of simple demos of CSS Modules

survivor CSS 320


chrome-extension-demo JavaScript 293

how to create a Chrome extension

fortunes 290

A collection of fortune database files for Chinese users.

mocha-demos JavaScript 243

a collection of simple demos of Mocha

node-oauth-demo JavaScript 242

A very simple demo of OAuth2.0 using node.js

tiny-browser-require JavaScript 232

A tiny, simple CommonJS require() implemetation in browser-side

react-testing-demo JavaScript 205

A tutorial of testing React components

road CSS 145


sina-news JavaScript 117


github-actions-demo JavaScript 103

a demo of GitHub actions for a simple React App

weather-action Shell 93

An example of GitHub Actions

user-tracking-demos JavaScript 90

demos of tracking users with JavaScript

travis-ci-demo 70

A beginner tutorial of Travis CI for Node projects

openrecord-demos 67

an ORM tutorial for nodejs

website HTML 59

markdown-it-image-lazy-loading JavaScript 49

a markdown-it plugin supporting Chrome 75's native image lazy-loading

flux-todomvc-demo CSS 49

A simplified version of Flux's official TodoMVC demo

Google-Calendar-Lite CSS 40

A single-page webapp of Google Calendar, based on its API.

nilka JavaScript 38

a command-line utility to resize images in batches

webpack-static-site-demo JavaScript 29

a demo of generating a static site with React, React-Router, and Webpack

koa-simple-server JavaScript 24

A simple koa server demo of logging HTTP request Headers and body

hn JavaScript 22

A personalized Hacker News

turpan JavaScript 22

a wrapped markdown renderer based on markdown-it

jekyll_demo 21

A very simple demo of Jekyll

rpio-led-demo JavaScript 21

controlling an LED with Raspberry Pi's GPIO

node-systemd-demo JavaScript 20

run a Node app as a daemon with Systemd

redux-docs * JavaScript 15

Redux documents build by Loppo

lvv2-feed JavaScript 12's RSS feed

blog-stylesheet CSS 12

my blog's stylesheet

tarim JavaScript 11

a template engine, using Lodash's template syntax and supporting including other templates

loppo-theme-oceandeep JavaScript 11

the default theme of Loppo

loppo-theme-ryf CSS 10

个人网站的 Loppo 主题

kindle_clippings_processor * Python 10

Takes as input the "My Clippings.txt" that stores the annotations and markings from the Kindle. and outputs one file per Ebook

turpan-remove-space JavaScript 8

remove the space between English word and Chinese characters in markdown files

Formula-Online-Generator 8

using Google Chart api to generate mathematical formulas in a webpage

markdown-it * JavaScript 6

Markdown parser, done right. 100% CommonMark support, extensions, syntax plugins & high speed

ditto * JavaScript 6

Lightweight Markdown Documentation System

dotfiles * Shell 4

My various config files

google-map * 4

twitter-rest-api-server * JavaScript 3

a prototype of twitter restful API server

markdown-it-toc-and-anchor * JavaScript 2

markdown-it plugin to add a toc and anchor links in headings

slides JavaScript 2

node_memcached * JavaScript 2

eslint-plugin-ignoreuglify JavaScript 2

exclude uglified files from ESLint's linting

wp-twitter-tools * PHP 2

pullup * CSS 1

A website you join via pull request.

markdown-it-emphasis-alt * JavaScript 1

css-in-readme-like-wat * 0

Style your readme using CSS with this simple trick

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