Julien Schmidt

Cologne, Germany

httprouter Go 13166

A high performance HTTP request router that scales well

go-http-routing-benchmark Go 1525

Go HTTP request router and web framework benchmark

sse Go 72

HTML5 Server-Sent-Events for Go

quictun Go 31

Hidden Tunneling using the QUIC Protocol

atom Go 15

Intuitive wrapper types enforcing atomic access for lock-free concurrency

vim Vim script 11

My vim config. I like vim now.

systemd Go 10

Native systemd integration for Go (golang) programs

moderndbs C++ 10

Basic Database System implemented for MDBS course

remotephotoshow HTML 9

A small web app to present photos remotely over the web

protocol-design Python 4

secure cloud sync protocol design project

spinlock Go 4

[WIP] simple spinning synchronization primitives as an alternative to the blocking primitives from the sync package

art 1

Adaptive Radix Tree

android_packages_apps_GmsCore * Java 1

µg GmsCore: Implementation of Play Services, including Maps API v2

acme-dns * Go 1

Limited DNS server with RESTful HTTP API to handle ACME DNS challenges easily and securely.

fcgi Go 1

N-Queens Java 1

Optimized algorithm to find all solutions for the N-Queens-Problem in Java

socketinfo Go 1

socketinfo provides additional info on socket file descriptors in Go (golang)

sssniff * Python 1

ShadowSocks(SS) traffic sniffer

contentloaded * JavaScript 1

cross-browser wrapper for DOMContentLoaded

FrameworkBenchmarks * PHP 1

Source code for the framework benchmarking project

golang-mux-benchmark * Go 1

Performance shootout of popular Go mux/routers/middleware web frameworks

tumi-app * TypeScript 0

Modern pwa to manage event signup at ESN TUMi munich

sqlclosecheck * Go 0

Linter that confirms that DB rows and stats are closed properly.

mulint * Go 0

Go lint which detects recursive locks, which may lead to dead locks

golangci-lint * 0

Fast linters Runner for Go

libmoepgf * 0

High-performance Finite Field Library for x86 and ARM

statify * 0

Get your Spotify stats!

dotfiles Shell 0

go * 0

The Go programming language

gonids * Go 0

gonids is a library to parse IDS rules, with a focus primarily on Suricata rule compatibility. There is a discussion forum available that you can join on Google Groups: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/gonids/

specter * Go 0

a (tiny) VM project built with Go

homebrew-cask * Ruby 0

🍻 A CLI workflow for the administration of macOS applications distributed as binaries

rspamd * C 0

Rapid spam filtering system.

quic-go * Go 0

A QUIC implementation in pure go

hugoDocs * HTML 0

The source for https://gohugo.io/

Report * HTML 0

MaRNEW Workshop Report

complete-subtree-cover-size TeX 0

Presentation about the Upper Bound of the Complete Subtree Method (Stateless Broadcast Encryption)

voltdb-client-go * Go 0

VoltDB Golang Client Library

ShadowsocksX-NG * Swift 0

Next Generation of ShadowsocksX https://github.com/shadowsocks/shadowsocks-iOS

JS16_ProjectA * JavaScript 0

In this project we will lay the foundations for our system by integrating data from multiple sources into a central database. The database will serve the apps and the visualization tool that will be developed in other projects.

JS16_ProjectF * JavaScript 0

In this project we will build a web portal for our GoT data analysis and visualization system. The website will integrate all the apps created in projects B-D with the help of the integration team assigned to Project E.

gmysql * Go 0

Are we GC friendly?

boulder * Go 0

An ACME-based CA, written in Go.

hitch * Go 0

Hitch: routing and middleware for vanilla Go http.Handlers.

seafile * C 0

Open source cloud storage with advanced features on privacy protection and teamwork.

seafile-docs * 0

Manual for Seafile server

gin * Go 0

Gin is a web framework written in Golang. It features a martini-like API with much better performance, up to 40 times faster. If you need performance and good productivity.

go-database-sql-tutorial * 0

A tutorial for Go's database/sql package

julienschmidt.github.com 0

video-js-swf * ActionScript 0

Custom Flash Player for VideoJS

go-sql-test * Go 0

test ALL the databases

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Vim script 195 97.12% 11
HTML 2338 97.30% 9
C++ 3422 94.12% 10
Python 10589 87.22% 5
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