Espressif Systems


esp-idf C 3187

Espressif IoT Development Framework. Official development framework for ESP32.

arduino-esp32 C 3184

Arduino core for the ESP32

esptool Python 2435

ESP8266 and ESP32 serial bootloader utility

ESP8266_RTOS_SDK C 1400

Latest ESP8266 SDK based on FreeRTOS, esp-idf style.


A demo that should be run with ESP8266 Non-OS SDK

esp-who C 518

Face detection and recognition framework


ESP8266 nonOS SDK

ESP8266_AT C 418

Offical ESP8266 AT+ Commands

esp-iot-solution C 340

Espressif IoT Library. IoT Device Drivers, Documentations And Solutions.

esp-adf C 333

Espressif Audio Development Framework

esp-mdf C 249

Espressif Mesh Development Framework

esp-mqtt C 233

ESP32 mqtt component

esp32-nesemu C 219

Proof-of-concept NES emulator for the ESP32


A demo that should be run with ESP8266 RTOS SDK


ESP31B SDK based on FreeRTOS. For ESP32 please see

esp-aliyun C 135

Demo project for Alibaba Aliyun, support esp32 & esp8266.

esp-gdbstub C 124

esp-idf-template C 123

Template application for

openocd-esp32 C 105

OpenOCD branch with ESP32 JTAG support

esp32-at C 104

AT application for ESP32 ESP-IDF

esp32-camera C 95

esp8266-rtos-sample-code C 90

llvm-xtensa * LLVM 74

Work-in-progress version of LLVM for Xtensa. See also

esp32-wifi-lib Shell 57

ESP32 WiFi stack precompiled libraries

esp32-doom C++ 54

A proof-of-concept port of PrBoom to the ESP32. Needs psram hardware.

esp-va-sdk C 52

Espressif's Voice Assistant SDK: Alexa, Google Voice Assistant, Google DialogFlow

esp-azure C 46

SDK to connect ESP8266 and ESP32 to Microsoft Azure IoT services

esp32-bt-lib 40

ESP32 Bluetooth stack (below HCI layer) precompiled libraries

ESP8266_RTOS_ALINK_DEMO Assembly 34

Alink 1.0 早期版本

esp8266-nonos-sample-code C 32

crosstool-NG * Shell 29

crosstool-NG with support for Xtensa

clang-xtensa * C++ 29

Work-in-progress version of Clang for Xtensa. See also

esp-face C 29

esp8266-alink-v1.0 C 27

alink v1.0

esp31-smsemu C 27

esp-dsp C 26

DSP library for ESP-IDF

esp32-alink-demo C 25

Demo project for alink, include embed and SDS


Arduino library for displays found on ESP-WROVER-KIT

esp8266-alink-sds C 24

Demo project for alink SDS

aws-iot-device-sdk-embedded-C * C 20

SDK for connecting to AWS IoT from a device using embedded C (minor modifications for use with Espressif ESP-IDF)

binutils-esp32ulp C 20

Binutils fork with support for the ESP32 ULP co-processor

esp-joylink C 18

Demo project for JD joylink, support esp32 & esp8266.

AliOS-Things * C 17

AliOS Things released by Alibaba is an open-source implementation of operating system (OS) for Internet of Things (IoT).

esp-jumpstart C 16

Jumpstart from concept to production

esp32-iotivity C 16

Guide you to make your ESP32 support OCF/OIC.

esp-google-iot C 16

Google Cloud IoT SDK as an ESP-IDF Component

esp-idf-provisioning-android Java 15

Android Provisioning application for ESP-IDF Unified provisioning

vscode-esp-idf-extension 12

Visual Studio Code extension for ESP-IDF projects

newlib-esp32 C 10

Version of newlib used in ESP32 ROM and ESP-IDF

esp-wolfssl C 9

wolfSSL port for esp32 & esp8266.

esp32-alink C 9

This is a porting of alink in esp32, it's just a component, you can use it as submodule in your project. Please refer to esp32-alink-demo.

Adafruit-GFX-Library * C 8

Adafruit GFX graphics core library, forked to add ESP32 support

esp-baidu-iot C 7

Baidu 天工物联网平台 support for ESP32 & ESP8266.

esp-adf-libs C 7

esp-welink C 6

Tencent 微瓴 support for ESP32 & ESP8266.

esp8266-dual-cloud C 6

esp8266 dual cloud support demo, now support alink + joylink.

esp-lwip C 5

Fork of lwIP ( with ESP-IDF specific patches

eclipse-plugin-esp32 * C 4

The GNU ESP32 C/C++ Cross Development Tools (based on

esp-nimble * C 3

A fork of NimBLE stack, for use with ESP32 and ESP-IDF

esp-idf-provisioning-ios C 3

esp-qcloud C 3

Tencent qcloud support for esp32.

esp-aws-iot C 1

AWS-IoT SDK as an ESP-IDF component

kconfig-frontends C 1

Fork of kconfig-frontends project with some modifications for use with ESP-IDF

esp32-arduino-lib-builder 1

asio * C++ 1

Asio C++ Library

mbedtls * C 1

An open source, portable, easy to use, readable and flexible SSL library

github-actions Python 0

Github Actions developed/used by Espressif

gcc * C 0

binutils-gdb * C 0

Unofficial mirror of sourceware binutils-gdb repository. Updated daily.

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